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Talked to a woman named Katie with ISO and I got the sense they’re not wanting to internally take up this niche - ISO blockchain standardization tooling. A OK with me. We talked about several things, a certification program - which is something I had given thought too, and informed her about the common practice of code reviews and the infrastructure in place that could facilitate an ISO certification process.

Something of what she was speculating about is 3rd parties that certify conformity to ISO standardizaiton. She compared it to a ISO/ 27001 Certification Process
You can read more about it here. ISO/IEC 27001 here. - Wikipedia

Would like to get some discourse on that.

Anyhow - just a follow up. I wanted to better understand ISO’s position, there’s further discussion for this required - to iron out what content for each definition is pertinent and what is not, for example. This has been known to me, but it requires deliberation from a broad community. I’m sure much of it is common sensical.

ISO Standardization - Conversation - Cosmos Hub Forum

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Hi Lagos,

Thanks for your response. Standards provide people developing systems a guideline so that users have a common experience across systems. There are committees that teams can actively participate in for the development of standards. This development of standards is common in many industries and sectors.

Nothing is strict or rigid unless it is law. Many people know that governance in blockchain is not ideal and is not what a rational person would think of as decentralized. There is a tremendous amount of centralization. Vitalik Buterin discusses bribery, collusion and plutocrats - Decrypt

Having a forum to refine what policies would be ideal - like weighted voting for participation and/or holdings, is still early in development.

There is alot of range there. In a quick search I found the estimated cost of a smart contract audit with Core Devs ranges from $1,500 to $12,000, depending on the complexity and length of the code. In this process accessing ISO standards would be ideal because every line of code is gone through. It would then be determined if the proper ISO standard is adhered to and given certification by these auditors.

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