Validator Candidates


Hi, we are from Shenzhen, China.
Welcome to visit our website :



I am Korea Valley Validator

Currently, he is working as a " Pentester " for a Korean information security company.

There is currently a joint group with Korean white hackers. I am confident of security.

Validator. I think operations and security are both important.

The site is still in preparation, and will open soon.

welcome to visit our website :




This is Kwun from Forbole. We have been active among the COSMOS community for a while as we are building our application on top of COSMOS SDK. Please feel free to visit and contact us.

We are a team in Hong Kong with facilities in different regions. We are both winner of HackATOM3 and Game of Stakes. And we are promoting Cosmos in local communities in English and Chinese.

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Hello Cosmos, we are Staking Facilities!

We operate secure, reliable and performant Proof of Stake infrastructure. Our goal is to provide easy access to new pools of profitability. We run a state of the art validator node in a Munich, Germany based datacenter.

Physical Security

  • Private server cage in a high-security data center in Munich
  • Non-virtual, redundancy optimized hardware: RAID 1 SSDs, 32GB ECC RAM, current generation Xeon CPU
  • HSM (hardware security module) key management
  • Sentry node DDOS protection
  • 24/7 monitoring & backup hardware
  • Third-party Audited Security

Incentive Alignment

Our validator stakes ~400,000 of our own ATOM. We have skin in the game. Our money and reputation are on the line.

We are highly active in the Cosmos Validator Riot chat room. You can contact us there or through our telegram channel:

If you want to know more about our Cosmos Validator Node, please visit



Hi Cosmos community,

We (Finality) are a Swiss-based validator company securing PoS consensus protocols.
Our website:
We are currently running Tezos and Cosmos Nodes.
My LinkedIn

Live node data coming soon

Stefan Jacholke



Cosmos Community,

Announcing Validator candidate.

Our team is based across the U.S. and formally operate under FirstBlock Ventures LLC out of Dallas, TX.

We only build with security and scalability in mind. Cosmos to the moon!

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Hello Cosmos,
We are

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Hi Cosmos community,
Please add as a Cosmos validator.

Shensi Public Chain is run by a team whose funders are early blockchain participants and well experienced in blockchain industry, including running validator/producer nodes, academic research, project incubation and investment.

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Hello Cosmos,

Announcing as a validator candidate.

Our team is based in Nottingham UK, with remote team members from Hong Kong to Malta to Toronto. Our team is drawn from the block3 community, based around the block3 meetup and block3 blockchain studio.

At block3 we are already working with enterprises to build Dapps for Cosmos.

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Hello Cosmos community,

we are an swiss crypto broker since 2014. We are active in the bitcoin and ether world, we were involved in the DAO, and we are building a local ecosystem in Neuchatel where you can already register your company in the business registry with crypto as capital, without the need of a bank account. We are providing entry and exit to fiat starting at 10 euros since 2014.

We are setting up POS/validator services as we already did for decent, not counting our btc and eth nodes infrastructure. We are candidate for cosmos.

current test validator: " Bity Validator " 55D67B1A6DC13E96F8754A5A42EABC20F7F86664

twitter: @bity


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Hi. This is SparkPool as a validator on Cosmos Hub.

SparkPool is a world-class mining pool service platform, with more than 3 years experience in blockchain development and node operation.

We secure revenue for 30,000 users every day. With a good community reputation, stable services and fair distribution, SparkPool has grown into the world’s top-tier mining pool.

Since we are born to be the guardian of value networks, SparkPool applies to be a candidate of Cosmos validator.

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Hello cosmo
We hope i ll be fine and ready to test GAIAD7000
We are Dev Team from Switzerland
Link for the validator :




Hi This is Crytter.

We are currently developing our website and hope to become a validator for the cosmos network.

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Greetings Cosmos

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I am running a Cosmos Visualizer for the current testnet at Nylira will also be a full-time validator for Cosmos mainnet.




Our Future is at Stake: has set out to build a portfolio of groundbreaking digital assets in an effort to provide easy access to new projects through a team of specialists who have integrated themselves into the crypto community. While our primary focus is on the Cosmos Network, we aim to incorporate multiple projects into the future!

Proudly Canadian



Validator website:

Cypher Core is a newly founded startup focusing on delivering blockchain solutions to enterprises and end users.

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#61 - Secure and Reliable Validator Running by Blockchain Veterans Powered By Wannabit.



Wetez - a crypto wallet, would like to be a validator and will support Atom token store and staking when Cosmos launch.

@gamarin Please add



It’s still in the making and I still have no confirmation on being a part of GoS.
But the website will focus on several staking protocols: