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Hello everyone!

We’re iqlusion, a Silicon Valley-based PoS validator hosting company:

We are excited to be one of the genesis validators for the Cosmos Hub, and just published a blog post that extensively describes our validator architecture:

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Hello to all the Cosmonauts,

Pavel here from Kuende. I am excited to announce that together with some key members of Kuende’s development team, we have built and launched our Cosmos Validator - Vali the Thor | Kuende - and we are open for delegations!

Track Record

  • Top-notch infrastructure designed by experienced engineers and security experts
  • Developing our own zone within the Cosmos Hub
  • Participated in the GoS and several testnets
  • Backed by Dokia Capital in our ICO
  • First ever project that Airdrops ATOMs to their community

Let’s Connect!

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We would like to thank the great community that formed around this emerging change. It was a pleasure to be able to validate concepts and details, ranging from the simplest to the most "abstract" ones with such great people. Some of the ones that invested their time in helping us make sure we are not missing any detail are, in no particular order: Jack Zampolin & Zaki Manian (Tendermint), H. Yung (B-Harvest), Kwun Yeung (Forbole), Adrian Brink (Cryptium Labs), Florian Liss (Staking Facilities), George Bunea (syncnode), Hendrik & Leo (Certus One) and Aurel Iancu (Dokia Capital).

Best of wishes,

Pavel Antohe
CEO & Founder Kuende & Validator Co-founder

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Hi everyone,

A small introduction. NewRoad.Capital started at the end of 2017 under the name TezosVote. After a successful start on Tezos network as Baker (validator), we made the switch to other POS blockchains. We are now also active on IRISnet and of course Cosmos under the name NewRoad.Capital

A little information about our setup:
We have a main and a backup validator. Both are in two different (Dutch) datacenter (in 2 availability-zones). They both have redundant power&(dedicated)network . The validators are behind a hardware firewall and both have their own software firewall .They connected through a ddos protected vpn with our own hosted cosmos nodes.

We have our own written monitoring software that keeps us informed with the health status of our two validator (and nodes) and warn us by email, sms or telegram notifications in case of a failure.

Where to find us:




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Hello Cosmos Atom holder!

The Chainflow Cosmos Validator went live at Cosmos network launch on March 13, 2019 at 0000 UTC. You can find it in the genesis file.

My name’s Chris Remus and I run the Chainflow Cosmos Validator. I’m an original Cosmos Validator Working Group member. I joined the group in October 2017 and have been validating since then. You can learn more about me here.

This FAQ applies to the staking systems I run, including the Chainflow Cosmos Validator. It also explains my motivations for running staking systems. Please contact me if it doesn’t answer all your questions.

Finally, please use this address to delegate to me -


These instructions walk you through the process. (I’m working on a more concise version :wink:) Contact me if you’d like help with the process.

With my gratitude :pray:


What’s up guys!

Umbrella validator ( is up and running and accepting delegations!
Game of stakes uptime leader
Hackatom 3 winner

We got a new blog post outlining our validator architecture and why a decentralized validator set is good for Cosmos. Take a look:

Help us make a more decentralized cosmos network by delegating here: cosmosvaloper1lktjhnzkpkz3ehrg8psvmwhafg56kfss3q3t8m

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Help decentralization by delegating to smaller validators such ours! :rocket:

We are up and running with only 2% fees and would love to have you on board:

Hi! I know it is a bit late, sorry for that :sweat_smile:

This is an small fish validator, based on Spain.

We participated in GoS and won the award of the Uptime category thanks to our good performance.

We are also contributing largely in the “Spread of the word” localy in our community, and facilitating the adoption by mean of good material translations into Spanish and community education (meetups, University talks etc…)

Here there is an Spanish guide for delegators using cosmotation wallet or ledger:

Those past month have been very exiting for us and we are growing solid in the ecosystem.

We contributed by educating. Find here recents meetups in which we talked in deep about Cosmos:


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Hi, we are Gentarium, one of the largest trustless masternode hosting platform in the world incorporated in European Union

We would like to offer you secure staking on our platform

Follow us on Twitter

Greetings everyone!

Please add us 🌐 to the list, better late than never :smiley:

We’re a Silicon Valley-based company, and have been following the Cosmos project closely over the past couple of years. We launched our Validator services earlier this year. Our team backed by members with a background in Cloud Scalability and PoW mining. Our background maps to PoS validation rather easily and happy to be participating in strengthening the Cosmos Hub network and beyond!

The setup that we’ve launched includes a privately caged set of dedicated servers with biometric access control in a Tier 3 Equinix facility, combined with peer nodes on the public Cloud. We’ve built out a resilient setup so far and will be looking into improving it over time, closely matching the developments of Cosmos!

Sanka Network is a leading validator in Asia market, we have been maintaining robust and secure infrastructure for staking blockchain with strong enthusiasm to achieve healthy governance and economy in the ecosystem. Our website is

Thank you.