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We’re offering infrastructure service of crypto currrrency.
We are join testnet from the time of gaia-7004. We will participate as a Validator of mainnet.

Please Add:



Get Reward for every PoS token in your wallet


Wetez is more than welcome to collaborate with validators around the world.
If you are interest on us, contact us by


POS Bakerz

We already operate on Tezos and are ready for our Cosmos adventure :rocket:


Certus One


We have been validating on the Cosmos mainnet since mid 2018 and made various contributions to Cosmos and Tendermint.

Our focus is on security and stability using our advanced high-availability architecture (

Additionally we work hard to provide meaningful content and your beloved explorer Stargazer


Fellow Cosmonauts,

Blockpower Staking is an affiliate of Blockpower Capital, a leading crypto asset management firm pioneering in crypto investing across the spectrum.

We are providing staking services for various PoS/DPoS/BFT chains, including Tezos (operating, top ten baker) and the upcoming Cosmos, Polkadot, Dfinity, Filecoin (ipfs) etc.

We’ve long been into crypto and have tremendous experiences in running highly secured and reliable validation service.

Twitter: @blockpowercap

We are operating Tezos validation service (top ten globally) with top efficiency and performance, you can check our profile here:

We participated in Cosmos fundraiser almost two years ago and is passionate to keep contributing and will provide staking service to atom delegators.


Hi everyone,

Thi is Michael from StakeWith.Us, a secured Staking-as-a-Service provider. We are the first validator to be live on Loom Network and we are very excited to kickstart our Cosmos journey starting from gaia-11k.

We take Security and Uptime provision seriously:

  • DDos prevention setup
  • Bare metal with HSM located at physical data centers with hardware firewall
  • Multi AZ cloud configurations

Value add:

  • Step-by-step delegation guide
  • Free-to-use delegation dashboard (coming Q1-Q2 2019)
  • Skin in the game - we will be staking 200,000~ of our own ATOMs and will be looking to purchase more when ATOMs are tradable and transferable. We have done the same for Loom network (more than 10M LOOM tokens).

Drop by and say hi to us on any of our social channels (available on our website). We are highly active on our Telegram Group and we would love to have you with us for any staking related discussion:

Looking forward to work together with all Cosmos supporters within the ecosystem!



Were you able to check our reply? would love to be listed!


HyperBlocks Professional Services

Secured and reliable services and will be the top biggest validators for Cosmos Network.


Consensus Networks

We build networks designed for blockchain use. Although we use the cloud for some applications, we run most of our hardware out of datacenters, ensuring top quality support, uptime, lowest latency, and optimized network connections.



my node will also be a genesis validator.


Hello everyone! We’re bitfish (, one of the first validators for Loom Network and soon-to-be validator for Cosmos.

We’ve been consistently adding value to the Cosmos network. You can read all about our contributions here.

We’re extremely excited to be on this journey together with such an active and supportive community. We’re always open to collaborating, so please feel free to reach out to us!

Onwards to mainnet launch and expanding the ecosystem :rocket::rocket::rocket: