When does an offline validator becomes jailed?

I know that a validator becomes jailed if it is offline for long. Do you know how many blocks that long is defined as?


$ gaiacli query slashing params
max_evidence_age: 504h0m0s
signed_blocks_window: 10000
min_signed_per_window: "0.050000000000000000"
downtime_jail_duration: 10m0s
slash_fraction_double_sign: "0.050000000000000000"
slash_fraction_downtime: "0.000100000000000000"

This says if you miss 95% (1-min_signed_per_window) of any 10,000 block window (signed_blocks_window), you will be slashed 0.01% (slash_fraction_downtime).

Blocks are currently committed every ~7s or so, so 10,000 blocks is about 19hrs. Of course you only need to miss 9500 of the 10,000 blocks to get slashed, and blocks could come in faster, so best to air on the side of caution!