A new ETH compatible chain on Cosmos has launched testnet

Hi Cosmos family,

I am happy to share that the testnet Phase 1 of Sisu network has been launched. Sisu is a blockchain built on top of Cosmos with 3 main components:

  • ETH engine: a component that is purely used for executing ETH transactions. Any contract that works with Ethereum could be deployed on Sisu. We use very different approach from Ethermint which I think makes it easier to maintain and plugin in other Cosmos projects. I will explain the technical part in another post.

  • TSS engine: a component for decentralized cross chain transaction signing.

  • Cosmos chain: a component that is built with Cosmos SDK and processes all the logic (banking, slashing, governance, etc). It processes client request and dispatches transactions to ETH and TSS engine.

The testnet Phase 1 only contains ETH engine. Testnet Phase 2 will include full features of Sisu, including decentralized native & NFT token swapping.

You can start developing with Sisu right away. Just replace your Ethereum endpoint with https://rpc.talon-1.network

Sisu’s source is closed source right now but will be open source when we are close to launching mainnet.

I am also looking for partners that could run Sisu validator nodes. Partners and Cosmos supporters could potentially receive Sisu token if we decide to have token distribution (we are not sure if we should have ICO). If you are interested in working with Sisu, feel free to drop an email to contact@sisu.network.

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I’d be very happy to validate.