Abandoned due to resolution: Define ownership of the Cosmos Hub Twitter account using governance

Context: in order to take this proposal out of draft mode, we will need to define specifics.

  • Make sure that it is correct that informal is currently operating the cosmos Hub Twitter account
  • Decide if the cosmos Hub Twitter account should be jointly operated or operated only by cryptocito

Voting YES on this proposal means that:

  • You support defining ownership of and access to the Cosmos Hub Twitter account by governance

  • You support either giving cryptocito total control of the cosmos hub Twitter account or making it a shared Twitter account, where cryptocito and informal systems can tweet from it.

  • Voting NO means that you think that the Cosmos hub Twitter account should remain in the sole custody of informal systems

(Boilerplate abstain and veto text)


I absolutely cannot count the number of times that I have seen Crypto Cito get out there and push number up. The hub needs a propagandist.

The hub needs friendly shit posting.

To put it simply and bluntly and frankly, the hub needs Crypto Cito, he will help us grow the hub.


I thought AiB controlled it?


I think they control cosmos

I don’t know for sure, and that’s why I’ve mentioned it in the proposal is

Cosmos is ICF now. Cosmos Hub not sure but thought it was AiB

Using gouvernance for twitter account is … wasting time…is it really important?

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Hi all. AIB does not control either Cosmos of Cosmos Hub Twitter accounts. Cosmos is managed by ICF and I believe Cosmos Hub is managed by ICF as well.


I’m getting seriously concerned about the lack of steering in these kind of topics. There is now becoming a vacuum in which power is distributed amongst a very small group. We see it happening in spend proposals, we now also see it here.

Cryptocito has a large account, it is known in the Cosmoverse and people know where to find him. He is also running his own validator services (and quite popular on some chains). Why then also mingle with the official Cosmos Twitter account? Let’s just leave some things as they are in the hands where they belong. Friendly shitposting and creating content can be done from his own Twitter account.

Seriously, seggregation of power is a great good. Let’s also protect that in the Cosmoverse.


IMHO, this is a bit weird to let the Twitter account be managed by a for-profit entity and as well elect who manages it by governance.
Even if Cryptocito has all the good intentions in mind, I find it a dangerous concentration of power (as mentioned above).
If the ICF manages the Twitter account, I think their marketing team can be more impartial.


Personally, I strongly believe that the role of ICF is not suitable for marketing and managing COSMOS HUB’s Twitter account.

It is a very correct decision to hand over the Twitter account of COSMOS HUB to Cryptocito for operation and promotion.

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Hello, I sincerely recommend that you read this article, maybe you will have different views on AiB and ICF.

It seems that the future growth of COSMOS HUB can only rely on the members of the community itself (ATOM holders and verification nodes).

I would be against passing twitter accounts to any parties with self interest (this is a paradox of course, cause any part has self interest. But then there is the initiative creator and then there is the rest)

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Cryptocito is a great influencer for the Cosmos ecosystem, but if we are to talk about the Cosmos Hub here, I believe it’s better to have the account managed by someone who is dedicated to Cosmos Hub.

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hey :slight_smile:

I think that the conclusion on this one is that Cryptocito would prefer to contribute by collaborating with @RobbStack – who is apparently the one managing the account at present.

I do disagree with the posters here who say that the account should be run by a disinterested party: I want someone who can profit LOTS from those tweets, running those tweets, so that they’re fire.

This said, if Cito is working with @RobbStack – I do indeed reckon that the tweets shall be fire.




Thank you for the confirmation. It’s good to see more community action and passion toward Cosmos Hub.

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Hi everyone here. What do you guys think about this proposals. What I actually need is to make a decision fast. Like how many people agree this project. And how many people disagree. We need to think fastest,

Agree with the statement that Cryptocito is a big influencer and for many newcomers, he is a representation of the Cosmos ecosystem.
But have we ever thought of creating a Cosmos Intern account, who would spread the word and positive news about Cosmos ecosystem?
It’s a working strategy many projects are implementing because intern accounts are less official and more community-friendly

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thanks for the Opinion from my group Community members, I really appreciate you all once again. In my own kind of thinking I suggested we should let work with the peaceful project which is CryptoCito. with Twitter account I we stand as Service owned to provider and to make sure all possible. By God grace, :pray: with profitable and big opportunity. for all our uses Twitter account to Hit this popular project around the world. :earth_africa: