Atomic wallet advisory

Atomic wallet is closed source wallet product, and at one time it was the only decent mobile wallet for the cosmos hub.

If you used atomic wallet to generate a seed phrase, you should please consider that seed phrase compromised, and you should move funds into a new wallet asap.

That new wallet should not use the seed phrase that you generated with atomic wallet, it is perfectly possible that the atomic wallet generated seed phrase that you made is now compromised.

In terms of hardware wallets, ledger seems to be the current leader. In terms of browser extension wallets, and mobile wallets, the current leader seems to be Keplr.

Remember, do not reuse the seed phrase, because your seed phrase may be compromised.

on closed source security products

Whether it’s a smart contract or a wallet, when you see closed source, that should likely be a red flag. Atomic wallet is closed source.

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Wen Grid plus support for Cosmos sir =)

cc @keplr

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I don’t really know what grid plus is, but I would like to inform you that it seems like the atomic wallet incident was yet another fun prize brought to you by upper Korea. Please at all times be highly highly careful and use only open source security products as only their code can be verified.

Open source is not a magic bullet, but it is a significant source of protection for users.

here’s some additional information that links lazarus and the atomic wallet attack:

Hey so I wanted to mention that noted security researcher has put out more information on the atomic wallet hack:

Please don’t use closed source cryptocurrency products, they defeat the purpose of cryptocurrency entirely and can cause you harm

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