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General introduction

Dear lovely Cosmos community, this is Chloe, the core contributor for the CFG Labs. We have been secretly building one of the best communities for developers and researchers for Cosmos for the past 6 months in Asia (Mandarin speaking channel) Right now we have almost 800 active members.

Chloe : Core contributor for CFG community, Bachelor of Mathematics in UCL, Master of economics in Cambridge. Interested areas include Micro: Game theory, Mechanism design, Macro: Monetary Theory, Credit System, Theory of value, Econometrics. HSBC HK IBD.Fallen down into the crypto rabbit hole since 2016.

Kevin He (CTO) : Core contributor for CFG,senior technical director of a global blockchain company, has more than ten years of R&D development experience, and has accumulated more than 5 years of blockchain engineering experience. The consensus protocols that he personally implemented include POW, POS, POS+BFT, Tendermint, etc.with billions of TVL. His main interest areas include high-performance public chains, blockchain big data, and decentralized application platforms. Kevin is the hub of developers (including Solidity, Move, Rust), covering the majority of the developers in the Asia community (Mandarin speaking channel) and he is working actively with InfoQ, the largest developer community in Asia, and trying to bring more Web2 developers in this space. He is a strong candidate and being selected to be onboarded into the next round of interview for the fellow programme for Celestia, which is a new program that supports and mentors modular builders, selecting 10 from the 390 total applications from top protocol engineers, developers, and founders. Mentors include Zaki Manian - Co-Creator IBC, Co-Founder of Sommelier, and early Cosmos contributor, Mustafa Al-Bassam - CEO & Co-founder, Celestia Labs. Eric Wall - Blogger & Investor aka “Altcoin Slayer”, Morgan Beller - Co-creator, Diem, Can Gurel - Researcher, Delphi Digital, Eli Krenzke - Research Team Partner at Polychain, Wei Dai - Research Partner, Bain Capital Crypto, Marko Baricevic - Cosmos-SDK Lead, John Adler - Chief Research Officer & Co-founder, Celestia Labs, Ismail Khoffi - CTO & Co-founder, Celestia Labs, Evan Forbes - Software Engineer, Celestia Labs

Don Cryptonium: Core contributor for CFG. I believe most of our communities know him. He has been super amazing and contributed for the Cosmos for the past 1 year for free. He generated over 50 hours of interviews and content for Cosmos for the past 1 years, helping projects, validators, users understand more about the ecosystem. We appreciate your work and we look forward to more interesting stories from you.

Lshoo (Head of Engineering): Core contributor for CFG : Shihu has more than ten years of development and engineering experience. He started to focus on blockchain in 2017, and has accumulated many ecological development experience in the industry. Besides being the Wasm Promoster, He is also the co-founder of Move DAO, a technology community focusing on training and promoting the Move language. We appreciate all the work he has contributed to the ecosystem so far. His education module will include Wasm fundamentals, Wasm VM running environment, Wasm Frontend Applications, Wasm Cloud Computing and Edge Computing, Wasm blockchain.

Frank (Co-founder): Core contributor for CFG, starting the crypto business with Chloe back in 2016. He has many years of experience in technology development, artificial intelligence, big data, search engines, and smart contract development. He previously worked in Alibaba as a senior engineer and has accumulated over 6 years of product/operation experience in the blockchain industry. He has solid professional skills in the field of WEB3.0. His points of interest are community governance, Web3.0 product tools, and on-chain data architecture. He is also the Wasm promoter and will take care of the CosmWASM, Cosmos SDK, Tendermint adoption of the ecosystem within the Asian community.

Andy (Head of Product): Core contributor for CFG. Has many years of experience in the products for several Web2.0 top Internet Giants companies, he is currently working as the core product position of leading global blockchain companies. He is now based in Singapore. He has deep thinking and logic on Web3.0 products and governance.

Gankthisway (Senior Engineer): Core Contributor for CFG. Informal Management background from the leading university, Early Crypto supporter, Prev Mobile Phone Market Data Analyst/Developer at Chinese Telecom Operators (Global 500), Prev Data Analyst/Developer at Web2 Startup Company. Current Quantitative Trader Focus on Crypto Perp/Future & Blockchain Researcher.

Special thanks to our close partner: Jeffery Hu , who is the core contributor to IRIS network and has been continually contributing to the Cosmos, particular in Asia community since launch

Strategy and culture

The recent macro environment in Asia is not good, and many big tech companies have started to lay off people.Many young and passionate developers are looking for Web3 opportunities. We will be the port of entrance/gateway to get into Cosmos. Also, through that way, we can bring more talents to the Cosmos in a sustainable way. Kevin He will lead the technology education for developers in Asia. Also, Don will continue with his work and help projects, validators get more exposure to the community and help users understand more about products in Cosmos. Jacob mentioned the requests for keeping cosmos decentralized by eliminating node hosspots. I think right now for Cosmos, lack of Asia validators is the problem. We will be targeting validators in the next few months representatives of Singapore (Andy, Kevin based), China (Other teams) HK (Don based) to help secure the network. Our culture is open permissions, Cosmos friendly way with every ecosystem partner in this space.

Our first product - infrastructure tooling

Sunny has pointed out the problem for lack of a dashboard that tracks validators’ code and tooling contributions.That’s definitely true. The current grants programme in the ecosystem only incentivised the web3 product (excluding contents, or put less focus on that). However, the current situation is the Web3 infrastructure is still not well-prepared. I think the best product building for now should be using web2+web3. Hence, the experiences from Web3 tech giants from Andy and Frank, will lead to the first product for data aggregating in the Cosmos ecosystem. We need to prepare for the encyclopedia for Cosmos (similar to Binance Academy). It will be more valuable to the whole Cosmos ecosystem as time goes by. And we believe the opportunities for data aggregating should be much higher than in Web2.

Product Positioning

It is an information aggregating tool served for the whole system, which can push content in the personalized way (according to each person’s interests, collection, behavior), and can create feed flow (like Wechat moments Twitter). We are the encyclopedia for and will accrue more value as time passes. For example, the topic “Cosmos Hub has a new proposal” will be generated in the feed stream when there is a new push.

Why is it value added?

  • Core contributors to the ecosystem such as KOL developers and researcher, validators: Aggregators improve efficiency by organizing the data and helping them check their behavior through our product (Core database)
  • Staker voting groups/users: Aggregators improve efficiency by providing the data. We can rank the validators through Contributions, such as: track record for contributions to the growth of the ecosystem, through the technical expertise such as Github, Participation: Track record for participations in governance eg putting forward new proposals, or reviewing, voting & communicating proposals clearly to delegators Alignment: Track record for good behavior & acting in the long term interest of the chains being validators
  • All players: In addition to our own in-depth content + onchain contents, we will become the best content provider and access for the builders.
  • Object that generates information
  • Project; validators; important players such as KOL/OG; developers; other important organizations in the ecosystem, such as foundation ICF, Ignite, Informal systems, VCs Galileo in the ecosystem:
  • The platform/channel for producing information of the object:
    • Twitter, Proposal, Girhub, Draft: Commonwealth, Github etc , Others : Content source Twitter, Medium, Mirror, Commonwealth. Notion, Youtube, on-chain data etc

Product structure

Goal: Encyclopedia of participants in the ecosystem, to become a de facto content provider/ecological portal; Not only does the detail page required to be done well, but the information/relationships also needs to be structured.

Supported Scenarios

  • An object is a theme, such as the dynamics of a project, users can view the content according to the object, that is, according to a theme;
  • Obtain basic information about objects: there are four major parts: introduction, personnel introduction, website information such as official website Twitter, and relationships with other objects.
  • Action: Users can do secondary customization on objects and platforms/channels. For example, if we support 20 developers or 20 OGs, and if some people don’t care about these, they can instead choose to turn it off. He can also go ahead and add some new ones by customization. This provides a lot of flexibility for the users.
  • Different objects’ detail pages should be structured differently, for example for validators, onchain- validator voting behavior, github is important. For different projects/applications in Cosmos, the page should include other information such as product design, validating information, team etc. Data should be well structured.
  • Feed stream: The object based on the initialization settings automatically generates information flow, we need to cover enough data at the beginning. The objects that these objects follow, and on which channels/platforms.

Peripheral functions

  • Wallet login (Web3 login)
  • Favorites: Favorite the content you are interested in;
  • Added and supported user settings on themes
  • A large number should be initialized by default at the beginning, covering core objects: initialize most of the information;
  • Add and support user settings: users can set new and cancel topics by themselves. #Phase 2 Core content is aggregated to users in the first phase, customization should be advanced functions.This allows users to do secondary customization on the object/channels.

Product Roadmap

The goal of the first stage: focus on becoming an easy-to-use ecological information aggregation tool, and the period is divided into 2 small stages :

  • Core functions launched: Feed stream + Web 3.0 login support collection + display the subject of interest as the object (information consumption tool)
  • Support customization of the following objects: support adding and editing the objects that have been followed, and edit them according to the object-channel two-level structure. (supporting customization for users, provides a very flexible RSS tools)
  • Operation in the same period:
    • Collect information such as objects and URLs that are required for initialization .
    • This period totals 1 and a half months and we need 1 back-end, 1 front-end.

The goal of the second stage: to become the best ecological portal, encyclopedia, and data portal for Cosmos

  • Looking at the coverage, such as the relationship between applications and chains (Such as Juno and DAODAO). It needs to be further structured in terms of content and objects. Assess whether the classification of objects of interest needs to be reorganized;
  • On the basis of the default details page , enrich specific types of details pages: for example, the details page of the project, the details page of the node, and a large amount of data on the chain should be generated at this time. For example, for the project details page: validator summary, proposal governance voting information, products, etc.;
  • Operation during the same period:
    • Prepare a general content details page.
    • Some structured organization about ecological content, like what Thyborg_ did before joining Informal. He is a well-structured person, structured, embedded something like a Brain Graph, etc. in the content.
    • The period totals 1-1.5 months and the exact period depends on how much data we generate. For the periods, we need 1 additional full time operational manager and 1 researcher. They need to capture data + data that needs to be read.

The goal of the third stage: further increase user activity and stickiness via tools , and impose user usage scenarios & high-frequency operation functions.

  • Stake &Compound At this time, you can start the Staking business for retail investors, including reinvestment, etc.
  • Proposal: Proposal status of the project you follow, easy to vote
  • The period totals 1-1.5 months and backend engineers should take more jobs. backends, as addings different app chains required time and effort.

After the initial 4 months, we would begin to deploy on CosmWasm and add more Web3 features and introduce NFTs for our community members. We will also begin to build incentives model/mechanism design to structure the best game incentives to generate value back to our communities and supporters in the future. So we make sure we build the products, to satisfy the needs from the community, collect the ongoing feedback and keep continuously iterating our products, all the value will be given back to the community.

Budget requirement

However, the best talents need to be incentivised properly. The free work is not sustainable, and in order to incentivise the above talents to continue to work for the Cosmos ecosystem, I propose the funding proposals to support the above trabalizers in the ecosystem. Thanks all for all the efforts that have been made so far. So based on the above, we propose $300K USD ( For the convertion, according to the latest price by CoinGecko, the current Atom price is $11.92, then $300k USD is 25,168 Atom equivalent) to pay for the above people, and core team for the next 4 months. 1)education and interviews, targeting developers, projects, validators, users etc. 2)product development. Once we receive the funding, we will begin to develop our first product and you can understand as the product based acdemy for all people. The value will be compounded as time goes by. We use the bottom up approach and first starts with Web2 technology + We2+Web3 data. So you can understand it as the Web2.5 product. We are also aiming to start our edcuation programme once we receive the funding as we now cover almost all the mandarin speaking developers (not only 800 in our communties, but the ones covered by Changbin and Shihu) in Web3 and now working to bring more Web2 developers on board. Also, the funds will be granted to Don to help him continue to educate more users, so he no longer need to make a living by his saving.

The budget is based on the current/past salary wage of the team*# hours they can contribute to the projects.

Governance votes:

YES: You approve the proposal to fund the amount to support this product acedmy, wasm education, ueser education for Cosmos.
NO: You disapprove of the proposal in its current form. You don’t think the team worth being paid for the time spent on product academy, wasm education, user education for Cosmos.
NO (VETO): You veto the entire motivation for the proposal, are strongly opposed to its implementation, and will exit the network if passed. You are signalling the proposers should not create a follow-up proposal.
ABSTAIN: You are impartial to the outcome of the proposal.


Support for all the lovely builders in the space. Love you!



Support for this proposal.
We can bring huge amount of users/developers to Cosmos.
And we can bring new infra&dapp to the ecosystem.


An excellent creation requires a more powerful community goal, maintaining the efforts of talents, and going forward bravely. I believe that your choice is a technology that can change the future!


Thanks. I think there might be some misunderstanding and discussions around. Something like the previous image of Asian Funds/investors trying to extract value from the ecosystem. I think I am kindly like Jacob’s statement @notionalDAO. You shouldn’t judge the people from their government, or what other people in the community have done in the past. Each one is the unique and tiny small among the whole cosmosverse space. We are people oriented, not government, country oriented team. So We are working and building for the community, not for others, but for ourself meaning. I am actually targeting more validators who can help to join the discussions, about the team, about the project, about the funding amount. But it’s OK. We have patience. Education and Research is what makes the whloe ecosystem sustainable and it will accrue compounded value as time goes by.


I assume you’re making a community spend proposal to the Cosmos Hub for this? If so, would you mind converting the USD amount to the equivalent ATOM.

Also for reference here are the Hub proposal best practices and a proposal template.


Thanks Sam. You are right. We are proposing the budget to help to launch our first product for the ecosystem and you can understand as the product based acdemy for all people. The value will be compounded as time goes by. We use the bottom up approach and first starts with Web2 technology + We2+Web3 data. So you can understand it as the Web2.5 product. We are also aiming to start our edcuation programme once we receive the funding as we now cover almost all the mandarin speaking developers (not only 800 in our communties, but the ones covered by Changbin and Shihu) in Web3 and now working to bring more Web2 developers on board. The modules we will be kicking off such as the Wasm fundamentals, Wasm VM running environment, Wasm Frontend Applications, Wasm Cloud Computing and Edge Computing, Wasm blockchain.Also, the funds will be granted to Don to help him continue to educate more users, so he no longer need to make a living by his saving. For the convertion, according to the latest price by CoinGecko, the current Atom price is $11.92, them $300k USD is 25168 Atom, I believe. Corret me if I am wrong. Sorry my bad, but are you working specificlly for some orgs? I will check everything later today you suggest and make some amendments. We will make sure we can provide the best one for the community. Thanks a lot!

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Sam, curious how i can join the Cosmos contributor VIP group? “I recommend the private Cosmos Network VIP Telegram channel (ask for an invite on the forum if you are or would like to be a Cosmos contributor” in the Best Practices for Drafting a Proposal. Should I start a new proposal?

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Formatting your proposal according to the best practices and template will make it easier for people to quickly understand what you’re asking for.

Personally, I find this very hard to read and understand because it’s very long, with very little formatting! My co-op (Hypha, a Hub core team) passed a very lengthy proposal recently and made use of headers and Markdown formatting to help people read and understand. We also used an appendix to make it clear that some material is critical and must go on-chain, while other content is more for context and will just be linked for anyone who wants to know more.

I’m happy to help with format and structure. I moderate this forum as part of our work following Proposal #63 and offer guidance for new proposal makers :slight_smile:

The regular process on the forum is to edit your top-level post with updates to your proposal and keep a changelog, as shown in both of the proposals I’ve linked. This makes it easier to see how an idea has developed and keeps conversation in one place rather than splitting off into many different discussions.


Thank you Lexa, I am Frank co-founder of CFG Labs.Your professional advice and past experience would help us to rebuild more formal proposal which let people understand easily.
I am more technical and operational side.And I’m appreciated with that you would advise us.How could I collaborate with you?

Certainly. My Telegram handle is @lexaMichaelides

HI Lexa, My TG username is @DeFiStein, need mutual contacts,thanks

Thanks Lexa, you participation would mean a lot to us. We have seen so many input/advice you have been putting through for the previous proposals. So we really appreciate all the work you have been devoting to the community. Your professional skills and experience also inspire us a lot. I think Frank is more data structured and his previous experience in Alibaba should help with the template and markdown formatting. Btw, sorry about making a little bit lengthy and confusing, but promise to improve for the future.

Lots of love


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Our colleague Frank mentioned that you gave the advide for the edit of the draft content :

"I did some basic formatting edits and read through it. I would highly recommend getting a marketing editor to help with the language in the product positioning and product structure sections. For such a large spend proposal the focus should be on that section rather than the introduction, strategy/culture and team. I would even put those three sections as an appendix or something.

The language used in the product sections is very difficult for me to understand. For example: “Feed stream: The object based on the initialization settings automatically generates information flow, we need to cover enough data at the beginning. The objects that these objects follow, and on which channels/platforms.”

Thank you Lexa for the suggestion.We would follow it.