Cosmos introduces "Code with us", online live coding workshops

Cosmos announces “Code with us”, a live, interactive workshop program designed to educate and provide real-time practice to developers in the community.

This program aims to provide everyone with access to the information and resources they need to become familiar with the Cosmos stack. These seminars are small workshops led by expert mentors from Tendermint Inc, Interchain GmbH, Agoric, Band Protocol and others that will use their expertise to guide the community of developers from deploying a simple “Hello World” blockchain, to getting familiar with the Cosmos SDK architecture, running an IBC relayer, and much more.

We have put together a list of future workshops designed to educate, guide and inspire the next generation of innovators. Bear in mind that this list is subject to change as more community members express their enthusiasm to participate in the program.

Sign up for the “ Code with Us ” workshop program. We’ll send you a link to add the calendar, email reminders of the upcoming workshops and a list of documentation for each session.

The first workshop in this program is “Scavenger Hunt Tutorial” held by Billy Rennekamp scheduled for 11th May. (Billy is currently Interchain Foundation’s Grant Manager, Developer Relations at Interchain Gmbh and Founder of Clovers Network.)

In this workshop, you will learn to build a working game with its own internal economy using the Cosmos SDK, a framework to build scalable and interoperable application-specific blockchains in Go. The workshop will use the ‘scavenger hunt’ tutorial led and designed by Billy Rennekamp. If you’d like to get a head start and check out what you’ll be getting into, take a look at (Scavenge).

Future workshops will be announced two weeks in advance and we will onboard future participants through the same registration process to make sure your virtual seat is covered.

Read the whole article and see workshops’ list here:

See you all in Cosmos!