Cosmos Wallet beta (now

Our Cosmos Wallet is now in public beta on a private testnet. Feel free to try it out.

The URL is:

To play around, we suggest the insecure mode, on which you can create a keyPair in browser to sign transactions with:

All feedback is welcome. We are building this open source wallet for you the community.

Note: Never enter your fundraiser seeds into a website. Cosmos Wallet will never ask you for your fundraiser words from within the browser.

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Don’t see redelegation which is pretty important.

When performing operations I enter stake amount and tab to pwd field. The stake amount is removed and I have to enter pwd then amount.

Safari Version 12.0.2 (14606.3.4)

I confirmed the redelegation amount bug and filed it. Thanks for submitting.

I can’t reproduce the amount reset bug. Is this happening to you on all actions?

Yes, but I wonder if it is due to the fact that I saved pwd … I know stupid but as a testnet thought I would be lazy. I’ll try without , which hopefully is how 99.99% of the users will do … then again

I tested it and it is a problem with the autocomplete on Safari as you mentioned. I will create an issue for it.

Hey Fabo!

Can you say something about full version of cosmos wallet release date? Can you give an estimate date if its possible?

Hows going Desktop Wallet? Wallet codebase still auditing or Auditing process will start after the full release?


Thanks for writing us.

You can use the wallet via on main-net (signing with a Ledger).

There will not be a Desktop Wallet for now. Why do you want one?

Audits are still in progress and hopefully be finished next week.

How can a fundraiser enter seed words? if someone didnt have Ledger, what will s/he do?

it is currently discouraged to enter your fundraiser seed into anything but the CLI. No other product is audited. We are working on a solution to enter seed words in a more convenient way but there is no release planned yet.

We changed the name to - and we’re live!