Formally request full financial transparency from the Interchain Foundation

The interchain foundation is a Swiss foundation created to manage the assets in the fundraise process described here:

The ICF (Interchain Foundation, hereafter “the foundation” or “the ICF”) has not issued any reporting to the Cosmos community on its activities in nearly two years. Numerous current and former, ICF funded teams have come to me to voice distress. They fear retaliation if they speak out, just like I did when I spoke out.

vote YES to formally request full transparency from the interchain foundation


Would be good to add the No options as well, although it might be a little bit rhetoric.

It would be needed to get a full statement of the position of ICF and how it is managed. Is it a non-profit? Is it a company seeking profits? Etc. That would also make their position clear for future cases. Mainly because current statements and behaviour not completely match up.


This needs to happen 200%

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Something that I should note here, in the original text for the proposal, I mentioned informal systems, and I said something about them receiving some disproportionate amount of funding, however, in the absence of transparency there’s nothing that I know for certain, so I have updated the text of the proposal and I’d like to make it very clear that at this time I can know literally nothing for certain.