[last call - on chain 11/7/2023] Demand that ICF provide all desired info to Ash Han

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When this proposal uses the word demand, it states that the hub should sanction the foundation if it fails to provide the needed information to Ash Han. From what I can tell, @Ash_Han did the cosmos a massive favor by founding the Interchain Foundation. As cosmonauts, we should look out for him. If we don’t, that’s a stain on all of us.

Ash Han will be the person who decides if he is satisfied with the information provided. Neither @Ash_Han nor ICF needs to share that information with the community to satisfy the demand.

When this proposal uses the word request, a request is being made and no sanction should be applied if the information is not provided.

Vote YES to demand that the interchain foundation provide Ash Han with any and all information he needs, and request that the information be made public in the spirit of proposal 787
Vote NO to take no action
Vote ABSTAIN to contribute to quorum while expressing no opinion
Vote NOWITHVETO to vote no and contribute to a veto tally. If the veto tally reaches 1/3, the deposit will be burned and this proposal will fail

I don’t understand - the post says Last Call, but there’s barely any text here for a proposal except the vote options

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That’s all it needs.

On-chain tomorrow?? How it is possible that the Hub community demand something, if the proposal don’t have any discussion or accept any feedback from the community. Can you change the title as follow: ‘‘jacobgadikan demand that ICF provide all desired info to Ash Han’’. Who even is Hash han, provide some context for readers maybe. There is no way community can participate in the discussion. And no time for the community to give feedback, this is one person initiative at the moment.

@jacobgadikian I recommend allowing more time and discussion, as to why this proposal is needed. You’re not going to change Ash’s life by putting the prop up this week.

Governance also has multiple props live at the moment.
It’s congested. People have limited bandwidth.

There is no advantage or necessity in rushing this.


Put a hold on this for a minute

Should get feedback from @Ash_Han