GAME Validator is messing with other validators "uptime"

Can anyone explain why many validators are marked as “missing a vote” when the GAME validator is the block proposer on the next block? Can someone reach out to them? This is affecting all of our validator block rewards.

Just watch this on Cosmos Outpost … super fun :popcorn: :angry: :sob:


they are messing with their timeout settings

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Validators can modify the source code and run proprietary validation logic. It could be several things. I’m guessing you hate the GAME.

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That’s our guess. But it’s a guessing GAME at this point :laughing:

… unless they respond here

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Occam’s favors the former, but sure they could be running modified code. Just as, they could have a faulty network interface driver delaying packet exchanges.

BTW, I see validation more as coopetition than competition, but that’s just me.


Hi there, super cool and helpful post.

There are in my opinion two things that can be causing this:

  1. GAME has reduced their timeout

I don’t think that it is this one because there’s not a whole lot of reason for game to do that.

  1. GAME is suffering from poor network connectivity

I think that it is number two. We are already aware that it is possible to force the hub to partition it’s network under various circumstances. In fact, on numerous chains, the default setting for a number of peers to connect to, has been increased, as well as the number of peers allowed to connect. Comet measures peers like:

  • inbound allowed
  • Outbound to seek

This pull request would have raised the defaults and may have prevented this issue:

I will reopen it, and update it if needed.

I will not go on a crusade to get it merged, as that’s already been attempted.

Yes, this is a security issue as it obviously has the potential to affect both block regularity and timing and overall liveness.


Thanks for finding the PR that points to a potential fix for this. Our devops pointed out about a potential network delay and/or timestamp delay on the validator as well when they sign blocks

I’ve tried reaching out to the founder over Twitter DM but have not gotten any response yet.


Sure thing – it was easy to find because I wrote the PR and have been tracking this and related issues for years now.

Once I’m sitting down, I will post the issues that I have opened on Gaia related to this since 2021 or maybe 2020.

the parameter change proposals absolutely do not address this issue, as those cannot affect the underlying p2p network.

This is the same issue but from 2021


Well, the vision of Cosmos would say:
Delegators should move their delegation away from this validator.

I’d suggest moving to CrowdControl validator, it is very good, but small and struggling :slight_smile:

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What are the unique advantages of crowd control?

We are building an awesome game with Cosmos-SDK (CrowdControl).
We are using Cosmos SDK for years now and have reported bugs.
In 2022 we realized we need an Unity integration, but we thought, we just wait. Mostly because in the past we have build stuff ourselves like our own wallet code for the website, but then came CosmJS and offered a great solution. So we thought there will come CosmCS, so that C# can be used. This is necessary to make Cosmos transactions in Unity, which means the game client. Needless to say that those things exist in Ethereum, Solana etc.
However it never happened, I asked around all the other games that build on Cosmos, but nobody has it and the answer was mostly like “We are not there yet, we are first building an audience and then we start building the game client connected to the chain etc.”.
So then we build this ourselves and asked for a small grant. Mostly because if Cosmos is interested in onboarding games, then this is absolutely crucial software. Most game devs will not have the time and resources to dive into Go and the SDK in order to integrate their game into Unity. Our ask for a grant was small ($20k) and we wanted to make the CosmCS code available for the public and bring it in proper shape for everyone. The grant was rejected and we did not get a reason why.
I also asked around high Cosmos officials and still don’t have an answer.

Even though we had this very negative experience, we have still made the code available to the public:

Of course this is not a full unity plugin, but just the C# code, but that is a lot more work, we’d also do this with auto generated code like for building websites with Cosmos SDK, but not without a grant.

With that in mind and given the fact that we do not mess with other validators uptime, I think we are a better gaming contribution to Cosmos than GAME.