How to Install IBC in external Blockchains (Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric)

Dear Community,

I am currently doing hands-on with Relayer. I can able to transfer tokens across two cosmos based Blockchain (using Gaia) successfully.

I want to extend the above experiment further to the non-COSMOS based Blockchain, i.e. Ethereum, Hyperkedger-Fabric, IOTA, etc.
As a starting point, I want to transfer ethers across two Ethereum private chains.
Is it possible to realize above use-cases using Relayer code?

Any help or hint will be a great breakthrough for me.

No, not the relayer code alone. The relayer currently works for IBC between two Cosmos-SDK blockchains. There is, a work in progress for transferring between Ethereum and Cosmos-SDK chains. There may be some software in the Ethereum ecosystem that lets you transfer between two Ethereum chains, but I’m not sure the state.

Hello Ebuchman

Thanks for your reply.
I tried Peggy Blockchain. It COSMOS-based blockchain which can transfer the token from Ethereum private chain and vice-versa. But there is no involvement of IBC. Peggy Solution is creating dependency on COSMOS.
On the other side, in Relayer, we are creating a light client for each chain for verifying the blocks. (According to my understanding, please correct me if I am wrong.) So these light clients we can create for any other external chain and verify.
Rest of the packet structure or channel structure, we can keep the same.

Please advise.
Please tell some other software in the Ethereum ecosystem (I will check their developing state.) so that I can compare them with Relayer.

I’m not sure. There’s also Ethermint, which should enable IBC between EVM chains using the existing relayer (since it’s all SDK).

Thanks for your reply.

I will check Ethermint.