I am very disappointed at Cosmos Signal

I am very disappointed at Cosmos Signal.
This is a catastrophic marketing.

There are no message and no impact.
Moreover, it is not Cosmos-like at all.

I assert that we need some good marketing working group for preventing disasters like Cosmos Signal.

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Everyone is entitled to their respective opinions and I respect the fact that you care enough to share yours here. However, I would disagree with your statement that this is catastrophic marketing. I think there is a sharp learning curve when entering the Cosmos ecosystem as a newcomer, given its unique hierarchy and architectural design choices, & I don’t think making an effort to further facilitate a high quality learning environment is catastrophic by any definition of the word. If you have been around for awhile I could see how maybe you would find a lot of the content in the signal keynote to be redundant or perhaps coming off as common-knowledge, but I think there were probably many folks who found the keynote to be insightful and a nice effort to give people a tl;dr of what’s going on in the greater ecosystem.

Plus, they did drop several new announcements and/or updates regarding existing products. The team announced that the Signal would happen on this date and time, it did in fact launch when marketed and was filled with several unannounced talking points while making an effort to educate newcomers and veterans alike. Not sure how you would interpret that as catastrophic.

Cheers. :clinking_glasses:


I totally agree that your perspective why we need this. However, ironically, it is why I think this is a disaster.

First of all, count down is an awful way to advertise this kind of presentation.
We should not do this, especially, with catchphrase like <You thought you knew Cosmos, but what you’ve seen so far is nothing compared to what’s coming.>,

Actually, this is the most important part.
We know how count down effects the market, so it could be a market manipulation in information asymmetry circumstances.
Therefore, count down is only allowed when we have a big enough announce which has embargo, or informs what we will do accurately before the event.
If not, it could be effective for a while, but in long-term, no one believe us.
I love Cosmos Network and our Community, because we have been rejected this kind of temptation.
This is not Cosmos-like.

Second, I do not think they consider enough who the audience is.
I totally agree that we need a good informative presentation for new comers.
However, I think this presentation is too brief and pointless for new comers, while it is not astonishing for veterans.

The good example of this mistake might be the last part “Sagan”
If we say “one last thing”, we should explain what it is and why it is important unless you can fully explain it just one image, but in this presentation, we just see the word “Sagan”. This is very confusing.
Do you think this is good way for new comers? I think it is also bad for veterans.
Just in case, if they want to make a teaser video, it is OK, but they just should post a video without count down event.

In sum, I do not assert that the contents are catastrophic, but I think how we deliver them is a disastrous.


I totally agree with doctorwho

And, Ethereal instead of protecting the intentional bad marketing that was ordered by competitors, we should look up anyone who approved the video and cut them off, marking them publically. Who directed the design of the video and the material in it, in that way, and asked them to confess. Why did they do that.

As it only takes Few communists or competitors from the opposing side,

to destroy the organizations that are not prepared to think in terms of political global rutheless inflation. In where agents pretend to be friends and “for the cause” just for the reason to sift development on to someone elses hands or wreck what ever is made, how ever beautiful., Specially if extremly potential and useful as connecting warious markets is.

Just because we do not like to think in terms of opposition and inflation, does not mean that they will stop doing what they have done long before in history.

They even did it with Opera to EmersonAI, With most companies, when pro-Alfabetic secret x project pentagram mafia takes them over, they place fivestarpentagram or the "sparkle"logo on the website (the same that Twitter, Google… and thousands of companies have now, especially after 2019 in last years.).

There should be a community comment feed and opinions run on the video before marking with some video of the entire project and other people’s work. Or at least get supportive approval from people like Jaekwon

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More substance, less show next time. :pray:

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