I participated in the fundraising, but did not receive atom


HI,With the help of two telegraph administrators, I figured out the reason why I didn’t receive atom, because my BTC was left in the middle address and didn’t automatically transfer to the fund-raising address like other people. I didn’t know it would happen beforehand. I didn’t find my cosmos address balance was 0 until the main network launch.

This is the BTC address bound to my cosmos (https://www.blockchain.com/zh/btc/address/15UMkGuY5sVYknvPAsyifD7aeyEnEQ7pAq) You can see that the BTC of the address has not been transferred except for the first time. Normally it would automatically be transferred to cosmos funding address (35ty8iaSbWsj4YVkoHz s9pZMze6dapeoZ8), and something unexpected happened, and my BTC stayed there.

Now the main network has been launched, I hope the team can take into account my actual situation, I am a normal participant in fund-raising and successful participation, waiting for two years to wait for such results, it really makes me unacceptable.

I would like to thank the telegraph administrators for their help, especially Asmodat San. He’s really a responsible and patient person. He’s also helping me.
The BTC address(15UMkGuY5sVYknvPAsyifD7aeyEnEQ7pAq),I also restored with 12 words I saved to confirm that I did not mistake the address and was not attacked by fishing.