The kujira report

Recently all of Cosmos watched in well generally horror or amusement as the Borg promoted kujira to all and sundry.

I’m out trying to have a nice day and I adamantly protest the idea that anybody should stand by while cosmonauts are corralled into a closed source contract that collateralizes a closed source stable coin using atoms.

So when I get home, I will write a detail report containing everything I know about Kujira, which was recently promoted by @Thyborg.

Until then everybody have a nice day.

it’s a awfull look for Cosmos, so let’s fight harder publicly it’s going to resolve things…

Hey buddy, I want to make absolutely clear that we absolutely attempted to deal with this in private plus, yo good sir, of course I’m going to respond to anything related to my business.

Now better still:

  • when the ICF funds public attacks on my business you bet your sweet behind I am going to respond in public, since the matter is public.
  • When the ICF funds public endorsements of insecure as heck chains, I’m going to respond in public, as the matter is public.
  • When AIB tries to put ridiculous restrictions on former team members to prevent them from working on and open source, ICF funded product, I’m going to respond in public, as the matter is public.
  • When AIB sullies the names of contributors in the eastern district of new york with spiteful lies, I’m going to respond in public, as the matter is public
  • When there’s a team shipping a totally insecure closed source stablecoin and promoting that in public, yep, gonna respond to that in public too

Reason is, If we just allow this stuff to happen and just stand by passively as you are suggesting, with no guillotine at hand, we will not be able to build the things we want to over time and have the impacts on society that we are attempting to.

But if you dislike the type of rigor that I’m bringing to the game, please feel free to ready the guillotine for me.

As usual, it’s impossible for you not to bring ICF on the table.

Because i guess Thyborg can’t even do a single personal salty tweet talking about you. ICF FUNDS ATTACKS. it’s quite ridiculous.


It’s ok you care your business not being attacked, what’s amusing me to be frank, it’s this kind of karma happening right now.

When your communication strategy 365days/year is name and shame everything anytime, a day or another, the boomerang is back. and yeah it’s harmful for you, for Cosmos because this childish fight is made publicly.

maybe we should look at the roots.

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