List of projects in Cosmos & Tendermint Ecosystem

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Can you remove Request Network (42) to the ‘Not Confirmed’ list - right now they are only researching Tendermint.

Done, moved to not confirmed.

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This is an amazing list. Thank you for curating!

Watch out for Artiqox or steve rodrigue. Scammers!

You think we should delist ?

There is progress on the github page tho, so I am not sure

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Ockam - Identity, Trust and Interoperability of connected devices. As simple as it should be.


Yes it’s already on the list position #74

I can only put two links in a post, so will split it:

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Yikes! Is anyone doing any upkeep on these any more?! As I say below, the dead projects should be removed and put into a ‘Former Projects’ place on this page. And their numeration should be removed from the current count of projects so we’re not quoting 80+ projects when in reality it like 60.

Would suggest changing or deleting the following:
11. Enledger hasn’t updated a thing in over a year; likely dead. Would suggest removal.
16. CyberMiles’ “Proof” (their White Paper) is now located here:
Please note they no longer have anything about Tendermint or Cosmos in their WP any more. Their Git though for their new blockchain does list Tendermint (
18. INSCHAIN, their site looks dead and their Git hasn’t been updated in a year
20. ARTIS, their site roadmap on front page now says they’re going to Honeybadger soon and their FAQ (technical>consensus) now says they’re going to Honeybadger as well. Basically no mention of Tendermint here any more. Should probably remove.
21. KOWALA, their site is dead. Would suggest removal.
24. Tatau, the White Paper ‘Proof’ page is no longer there (404):
I guess the ‘Proof’ is their bigchaindb now on their Git?
25. Peerity, their site is dead.
30. iCheck, their Git hasn’t updated in many months. Possibly dead? Should keep an eye on this.
35. Uphack, their website is dead and Git not updated in nearly a year. Likely dead. Should remove.
36. FourthState website looks to be dead but their Git is alive and well. Odd.
37. Moracle, their website is alive but not updated in a year, same with their Twitter and their Git. Likely dead. Should remove.
38. PARSEC, they are now called LeapDAO (; Git shows TM ( Please update the listing as such.

  1. SmartPesa, nothing now on their website about TM although their ‘Credible’ project uses or used to use TM (per, and maybe it still does but the ‘proof’ listed there looks to be the wrong link and the Git listed there doesn’t actually show proof of TM. Lastly, the drop-down there says nothing about TM and should probably be removed since that’s not the application described in the blog post where they do mention TM.

  2. BOID, not really seeing proof of TM anywhere.

  3. Suggestion: don’t just cross out dead projects. This should be completely removed and either put into a ‘Former Projects’ spot on this page or deleted entirely. Also, all projects that are dead should be taken completely out of this numbering system and everything after it should be renumbered now so we’re not talking about having 80 projects just because the recent projects are numbered up to 80. Very unprofessional.

  4. Vega, beyond an old blog post claiming that they’ll use TM there’s little proof here on their site or on their Git. Would suggest finding better proof.

  5. Not in English so no clue; also the Github link goes to their website again? Fix that.

  6. 50 Coin, looks to be dead. Page not loading nor is ‘proof’ link and the Git hasn’t been updated in nearly a year.

  7. Band Protocol, ‘Proof’ page doesn’t load to any proof.

  8. Minter, here’s better (updated), ‘Proof’ page to use:

  9. Cache, website is dead and Git not updated in nearly a year. Likely dead. Should remove.

  10. Pallium, this is now called “reML” >

  11. Egeon, website is a single page and nothing there about TM or Cosmos; their Git also lacks any details or TM/Cosmos usage.

  12. Volvox, website dead and Git is 404’d. Likely dead. Should remove.

  13. Paradigm, why is the link there next to Paradigm?

  14. XMN, their website is dead already? Their Git is up-to-date though. Keep an eye on website.

  15. Fulcrum, their site is dead and Git is 404’d. Likely dead?

  16. Ockam, there’s nothing about Cosmos/TM on their site and the ‘Proof’ via Zaki’s Tweet has been deleted so that should be deleted. The Git is also a mess of stuff and if you find an actual Cosmos/TM repo that might be good to link to. There’s also this somewhat recent blog of their’s:

Please check for up to date list and curation. We can keep this one for historical record

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thanks for organizing such massive information to one page!

Thanks for building the list! There is a typo in our project. It should be “Forbole” but it was mistyped as “Farbole” on the list. Appreciate if this can be corrected. Thanks!

sorry for a typo, updated

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