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Just to add to the above information about Regen Network, see our forum post about our project:

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Hi there,
Easyzone is a decentralized light client, which means users can access account, stake and earn rewords with local key store. We focus on Tendermint ecosystem, including Cosmos, QOS and Irisnet etc. We are the winner of the Game of Stakes who have also participated in mainnet as validator Compass.
You may find more information about us from the links below :


Look forward to including our Easyzone lite wallet project to make more contribution to the ecosystem :sunny:

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QOS team

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Hi asmodat,
But when could our project be transferred to link [Delegators] Cosmos & Tendermint Guides, Wallets, Explorers & Tools

once you have link to page with download option of that software and tutorial how to use it for non developers, just normal users

We (RNS Solutions team ) prepared comprehensive list with additional information of above projects. Please share new projects those are planing to use cosmos sdk

OK, thanks:grinning:
We will come to you if it is ready.

Hi @asmodat,here is the link page of our wallet for the normal end users: easyzone wallet page link
Please check it out. Anything needed, contact us with no hesitation. we’re eager to be part of community with contributions as we can.:slightly_smiling_face:

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If someone wants to be part or say node of your blockchain network once you go online then what are the steps to be followed.

Check validators section [here] ([Articles] Cosmos & Tendermint)

@asmodat looks like IXO used this website:
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Thank you, new link added

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It was depreciated due to lack of funds to run a server, you can find my repository here:

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If people are building modules that are used in a cosmos application, would love to see it added to the module section of this repo, Make a PR and will review asap. Be mindful there are some rules on how to get accepted into the repo, those are in the file

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Thank you for this repo, I added it to relevant forum section in here: [Development Tools] Cosmos & Tendermint

We are building a blockchain to generate secure random number. It could be used for lottery and lucky draws, team paring, game item drop probability and many more.

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