OS.js for browser readible virtual state machine deployment

Hello there guys; I can’t seem to access Discord channel.

I’m not really a programmer, other than that I have got a general idea of what a Turing machine is, and what are the binary I/O operations, but browsing the internet for many years and reading the whitepapers, I have stumbled across many great ideas that didn’t really evolve into anything grand/a new web standard.

So, seeing how none of the dApps on Ethereum or Cosmos or whatever application supporting blockchain we’ve got on our mind, are easily accessible to less tech-savvy people including me, I got this idea.

How technically possible is the deployment of Tendermint cloned virtual nanokernels compiled in javascript on the IBC protocols if there is a potential possibility of blockchain stored repositories accessible to the online os.JS sockets, and how would that work for any other open source SDK streaming on the web if there would exist an universal mouse and keyboard capture user interface, given that each independent SDK client socket would be by-script tied to a virtual cloud disk attributed to the client?

There already do exist on-the-web code compilers and interpreters for C, C#, Python and many others; so what’s the difficulty in deploying a gitchain repo, other than the hardware and the other blockchains seemingly opposing the shared computations?