[PROPOSAL][DRAFT] EMPIRE Protocol: Web3 CoWorking Dao Enabling IRL for web3

Proposal Summary

EmpireDao is a Web3 coworking space DAO opening up our first location in New York. Empire will provide Web3 infrastructure to make finding and operating coworking space easy. We are partnering with L1s so that we can support a multichain/interchain future. We are seeing if the Cosmos community is open to investing in the DAO or renting out space in our NYC location to host hackathons/house developers and more to foster Cosmos growth in Web3. So far Solana, Stacks, Polygon, and Avalanche have rented or invested in the DAO.


EMPIRE Website and Social LInks
Deck Video

Proposal overview

EmpireDAO is managing a 6-story building in the heart of Manhattan dedicated to the advancement of web3. The location will serve as a 24/7 multi-chain workspace with NFT-based memberships for co-working, events, courses, creator spaces, game rooms and more. There are more than 200+ DAOs, teams, and individuals on a waitlist to lease space at this location.

The foundation for the workspace will be the $EMPIRE protocol, a Web3 stack solution that will provide a framework to launch physical spaces for communities. The protocol helps onboard and manage additional locations that web3 networks, protocols and projects have to make underutilized IRL spaces discoverable for developers and enthusiasts all over the world.

EMPIRE Manhattan location will be open in late March. We are at the final stages of raising our seed round. We are raising $5 million for 10% of our equity, which will be a SAFE with token warrant. We also offering chains to rent out space for 50-75k per quarter so that developers can work out of the first NYC location.

We are actively looking at various chains for our initial launch and will be adopting a multi-chained approach in the long term. Hence, we are seriously considering Cosmos as IBC and the technology being built into the Cosmos SDK supports this future.

Proposal ask

$500k - $750k

NYC Space Rent:
50k-75k per quarter to host hackathons, provide an equivalent to one floor space for Cosmos ecosystem developers, and more.

Metrics for success

March 4, 2022 - Close our seed round
March 20, 2022 - Open EMPIRE workspace in 190 Bowery New York, NY
April, 2022 - Launch NFT membership

1000 Twitter following
200+ users on discord
20 active contributors
4 Core members

This number reflects natural adoption and following as we have not yet begun active marketing or PR. We will be publishing an article with Coindesk early March to announce our project along with several partnerships with various layer-1, layer-2, DAO and web3 projects.

Dear Vinit, I welcome you to the Cosmos Network Forum. After having read about EmpireDAO in a mainstream Medium article some time ago, it’s special to be noticing about it now here on the Forum. You’ve set up an interesting construction yet imo not necessarily fit for Cosmos.

For starters Cosmos is actually a Layer Zero protocol with Cosmos Hub and others being sovereign L1s embedded in Cosmos Network. The whole infrastructure of the network is pretty much build to onboard (in-house) projects with the inter-chain approach already somehow in their DNA. One of these projects is surely bound to come up with a co-working real estate project supported by the community that Empire might be eligible to plug into at a later stage.

At the moment there’s Dig Chain which primarily focus is on Real Estate. Perhaps you guys would be interested in contacting them if being serious about an actually sustainable multi-chain approach, since they are already making use of IBC. I wish you all the luck with this project in that magnificent building in The Bowery.