[Proposal] Quickly accelerate adoption of the platform

  1. Change the ‘what is Cosmos’ section on the website so has an additional option of an explanation that a director level decision maker would understand (with minimal crypto technical terms). Include examples of how startups, established businesses, Govt dept’ts and NGO’s would benefit from the platform. May be beneficial to have a video explainer.

  2. Include examples of organisations who have used Cosmos. How much it cost them to implement and what benefits they are deriving from it.

  3. Include an independent review of the platform who have fully audited and tested the platform upto ISO standards confirming that the platform does what it claims to do and that all necessary controls are robust. If there is not an ISO standard for the technology; contact the ISO and work with them to create a standard.

  4. Select 8 established companies and offer to implement a solution for that company that either increases revenue or cuts costs (at no cost). Agree a deal whereby the results are independently audited and the companies participate in a marketing video describing the clear benefits of utilising the cosmos platform.

  5. Promote the marketing video resulted from point 4. Highlighting the results. Use usual marketing & promo methods with additional marketing support from the community.