Regional community proposal - Cosmos Spanish & LATAM (all regions)


We are thrilled to introduce the official Hispanic community of Cosmos Hub, a regional initiative aimed at raising awareness about the Cosmos Network, a journey we have been nurturing since the $ATOM ICO. Our goal is to empower and engage developers, users, and experts to participate in discussions on cross-chain technologies and their applications within the Hispanic ecosystem, bolstering decentralized marketing in Spanish. This community-building endeavor is led by the iBercrypto Prof. Management Team, a renowned web3 moderation team dedicated to creating content, educating the community on blockchain and web3 technologies, and supporting Hispanic communities in Cosmos HUB projects. We have established an information HUB that is updated daily with everything related to our ecosystem and address all kinds of related queries.

At iBercrypto, we have collaborated with various protocols and their communities such as Cosmos, Axelar, NYM, Juno, Terra, Evmos, Sifchain, Passage, Comdex, Omniflix, among others. Leveraging over 5 years of experience in the Cosmos community sector, we will enhance the development of the Hispanic Community in the HUB.

Join us on this exciting journey as we bridge cross-chain technologies and Spanish speakers. Together, we can pave the way for innovation and advancement within the blockchain industry.

This year, we will lay the groundwork to launch a Development Lab for the Spanish-speaking community in 2025, focused on studying and developing projects based on Tendermint, educating new developers, providing support, and incubating the best projects directly from the Hispanic community and its Hackathons (we will only incubate projects that support stakers in the ecosystem, strengthening the entire economic cycle in the HUB). :rocket::earth_africa:

Name of Region: Spanish & LATAM (all regions)

Description of Proposed Moderation Activities and Events:

Activities Currently Undertaken:

  • Translate and share all official CosmosHUB publications, as well important threads from third parties (validators, delegators, developers, reviews) about Cosmos technology and its ecosystem in our Hispanic Twitter ( and make the due daily diffusion of this news with translated statements and threads, this diffusion has been done in some ways to all Hispanic communities on Cosmos Projects and to the official Hispanic community of CosmosHUB_ES ( Contact @Cosmos_Network_ES telegram is managed since Cosmos Network lCO in 2017, a lot of work already do it for Cosmos).

  • Attend all the doubts about Cosmos and encourage any information about the project to the community of on telegram Telegram: Contact @Cosmos_Network_ES

  • Organize incentivized community activities (QUIZs, AMAs, rediffusion) and encourage participation in new dapps, testnets, and campaigns in the Cosmos ecosystem.

  • All this work is done in two ways of diffusion and not just one(CosmosHUB_ES) since we forward everything to some other communities in Cosmos and attend to the community all the doubts about Cosmos and its ecosystem there using the philosophy of universal interoperability of Cosmos HUB.

  • We also use dedicated news channels to spread the information in the communities (Telegram: Contact @CosmosHUB_ES)

  • Send all publications and attend doubts on Cosmos Spanish LATAM Discord room.

  • Create community competitions that encourage ecosystem participation and mass Decentralized Marketing, network learning, and community activity.

Future Activities:

Community Engagement Event:

  • Organize weekly community engagement activities called #CosmosHispanos through (configure and update Zealy activities every day), these activities will be rewarded weekly based on a leaderboard. These activities will every day be likes, retweets, and comments on all our daily posts on, weekly learning QUIZs with the community about the main Cosmos news in the week, testnets, Galaxy, and ecosystem participation, creating posts and encouraging participants to express their positive impressions about the Cosmos HUB ecosystem, new activities can be suggested by the community during this year to reach as many Spanish speakers as possible.

  • Do daily chats with the community about the news, weekly live chats about QUIZs and activities, do monthly AMAs with Hispanic communities, large Hispanic CEX communities, Validators, DAPPs, and Projects in the Cosmos HUB ecosystem, we will aim to do open Spaces on with the communities, Projects, Validators or Developers if they are interested and have launched any new news during the week and to encourage listeners to participate in the weekly activities and community prizes.

  • We will configure weekly for all these activities and make a weekly Leaderboard.

1 Year Rewards for Community Activities: We will ask for 2000 $ATOM which will be distributed over the year following the start of the activities, we will increase this prize and the number of winners according to the number of participants in the previous weekly activities until send all the funds.

Project Lead: JLiBercrypto, CosmosLover_ES and @IBCHERO from CosmosHUB_ES Team

Discord & Telegram Usernames of Supporting Moderators:

Discord: JLiBercrypto, CosmosHUB_ES, IBC_HERO

Telegram: @JLiBercrypto, @CosmosLover_ES & @IBCHERO

Salary for Moderator per month: 111 $ATOM for each support (total of 3 supports)

Rewards for Event Winners (1 Year):

Based on the previous week’s Leaderboard and community engagement, until distributing the 2000 $ATOM of community incentives and giveaways during the Year.

Total Grant Amount Requested in ATOM for 1 Year: 5996 $ATOM for 4 quarters of max engagement (3996 ATOM to supports + 2000 ATOM to Community Incentives and Activities)

We want to ask for all the funds in a single first payment, these will go to a wallet dedicated to the community to experiment with Interchain Token Services, we will create a government token that will be linked to a community DAO with staking, for example through the The token will be distributed in the campaigns and activities of the Hispanic community to reach as many users as possible, the DAO treasure will grow with the staking rewards and support of the projects and friends of the HUB through strategic collaborations to offer royalties to the community for their dedication to Cosmos, we vote all decisions using the Token DAO, finally we support the security of the network be staking while all the corresponding payments are being made during 1 year of work.

Current Size of Regional Community:

Number of members on Telegram:
CosmosHUB_ES: 1219 members from more than 2500 in the past years.

Telegram chat link:

Telegram news link: Telegram: Contact @CosmosHUB_ES

Number of followers on Twitter:
We also use the official account with more than 1750 followers to spread all publications about Cosmos HUB.

Relevant Past Work and Contributions:

  • JLiBercrypto has studied a lot of HUB Whitepapers since Cosmos’s started, Professional Manager of CosmosHUB_ES since CosmosHUB’s ICO, and started some official communities for some projects on CosmosHUB during these years.
  • IBCHERO supports everything to go well on Cosmos Hispanos activities, searches for collab AMAs and giveaways, helps us with all daily revisions on Zealy campaigns, and loads new tasks, he will also make all Cosmos Blog publications and other reviews in a new and rebranded Spanish Blog updated and translated daily to Spanish until the end of the next six months.
  • CosmosLover_ES is a long-time supporter of CosmosHUB_ES and has supported us since the Token Launch too.

Check our report of last Quarter on Axelar Professional Management to know more metrics about our work in the community:

Activities performed:

Daily activities:

Manage and support the CosmosHUB Spanish LATAM community in different channels in some official communities mentioned.

Translate and share updates and important news about Cosmos Ecosystem in some communities.

Assist in the organization and promotion of activities with the community.

Keep the community clean of non-Cosmos-related SPAM and protect it so that no fraudulent links or possible scammers appear.

Maintain the welcome message and introduction to the community and the project with updated links.


To teach Cosmos’s technology to as many Spanish speakers as possible by engaging in other third-party communities and weekly community activities with decentralized rebroadcasting and marketing using the web3 Interoperability philosophy and relying on daily campaigns using the Web3 platform.

Community activities required weekly via

Access Telegram community Twitter and Discord, like, retweet, and comment on Twitter posts, Comment on community posts daily, participate in weekly QUIZ, invite friends to campaign, participate in weekly Spaces and create questions for AMAs, create custom posts, use DAPPS on testnet and mainnet, etc… Each activity will have its appropriate score for the weekly leaderboard.

Make a DAO to the community using an ITS token for community decisions.

Goals, Deliverables & Timeline:

Our objectives for the next 1 Year are to improve the Hispanic community’s participation and provide all Spanish content.

Reinforce the activity through daily conversations in the Cosmos Spanish LATAM chat, initiating discussions on Cosmos’s weekly publications, through summaries and questions increasing the daily activity, and encouraging active participation in the Cosmos ecosystem and within the chat by the community.

Create discussion and dissemination in external and third-party communities to attract new members and projects to be active in the community talking about their work in the network.

#AxelarHispanos event and #LearnAxelar QUIZs:

Organize community activities for the next 1 Year using Zealy’s platform ( at least 1 per month) (Zealy is a platform that helps web3 communities drive growth and engagement by turning their members into contributors and marketing), prepare weekly QUIZs of the most important posts of the week on Cosmos, community claims more than 4900 task in the last month via Zealy on Axelar (example), aim to do the best-decentralised marketing.

Three supports will rotate tasks and will be available every day covering schedules in all regions to maintain all information about Cosmos in some communities of CosmosHUB and different dissemination channels in the name of CosmosHUB_ES, expand our collaborations with the ecosystem, and review all task claimed daily and load new tasks.

Success metrics:
-Grow faster community engagement like the last QUARTER on Telegram and Twitter of Axelar, we will also add a bot to relayer all messages between Telegram and Discord and maintain all conversations in only one.

-Recover all and exceed 2500 followers on by the next year.
-Have all news updated daily in Spanish on all media, including Spanish Blog.

-No SPAM or fake links in the community.
-Update the captcha and welcome msg in the community.
-Configure and review Zealy competitions every day to maintain the weekly campaigns.
-Rediffusion of Cosmos in the official Spanish LATAM community of Cosmos Telegram: Contact @Cosmos_Network_ES.
-Create daily conversations within Cosmos’s Hispanic community to increase daily activity at Cosmos, and other Spanish/LATAM communities.
-Doing AMAs with important Spanish communities.
-Doing weekly Spaces and live chats with projects working with Cosmos tech and weekly news.
-Promote Cosmos news in other Hispanic communities, projects, and DAPPs associated with the Cosmos HUB or web3.
-Rebrand our blog and translate all Cosmos blog articles in Spanish to our new blog CosmosHispanos.

Additional objectives:
Prepare all the ground for this year, where we will create a live event at some event center where we can participate, looking to activate this kind of live presential event with the Cosmos Hispanic community this year.
Prepare the groundwork to launch a Development Lab for the Spanish&LATAM community in 2025.


This is excellent project!! I can’t wait to participate in it, congratulations :clap::clap::fire::clap:

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It might be a good proposal, but why is this not going via one of the grants programs?

A CP spend is not the right route for this imo, since there are grant programs brought to live to make sure these do not go via governance.

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I’m totally sure that we need to spend more time and energy to spread information among non-english speakers

Spanish is one of the most famous language after english, and it’s huge amount of new users

We will support this proposal, even if we are not spanish-speakers!

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