[RFC] Community Spend: Developer adoption through LearnWeb3


Hey everyone, I’m one of the Co-Founders at LearnWeb3- we are the leading web3 developer community platform offering a vast amount of public-good education, bounties, hackathons, community, and more to over 100,000 students around the world and helping them upskill without any barriers.

Aside from that, I have a personal interest in Cosmos. I first heard about Cosmos many years ago, but really started diving deep into it after learning about Axelar and how Axelar operates as a Cosmos SDK Chain which excited me about the potential possibilities. I have also been a staker of ATOM for over a year now, and genuinely believe in Cosmos’ vision.

From the perspective of someone who has spent every day talking to students, new developers, and keeping up with different tech - there is a lot of renewed interest in Cosmos with app-chains becoming a hot topic again.

Through this proposal, I’d love your support in helping LearnWeb3 help many students around the world learn more about Cosmos and how to build on it.


LearnWeb3 helps students in a variety of different ways:

  • Mini Courses: Short breadth-first exploratory education material that helps students get up to speed with a variety of topics quickly
  • Lessons: In-depth guides to learn about a specific thing - hundreds of lessons published till date
  • Courses: Structured collections of lessons to cover a particular topic area/niche
  • Degrees: Structured collections of courses to cover a “wider” topic area/niche
  • Bounties: Paid opportunities for students through our partners
  • Open Source Curation: Highlighting opportunities in open-source through trusted organizations
  • Jobs: Opportunities and career development through the community
  • Hackathons: Online hackathons supported by our partners
  • Events: Various recurring events such as Web3 Wednesday (a weekly live discussion on the latest in tech), Shill n’ Chill (a space for students to show off their latest builds and get feedback), etc
  • Trivia Nights: Friendly competitive environment for students to test their knowledge and gain badges

And most importantly, the community which at the end of the day is the most invaluable resource.

Developer Adoption

Through working with a variety of partners, one thing is common - every ecosystem wants developers.

While attracting users is something some projects focus on, that usually happens after a developer ecosystem is thriving and projects are being built.

Unlike Web2, where a company like Google has incentive to try and make the next “killer app” in-house rather than have someone build it on their APIs, that is an anti-signal in this space where decentralized collaboration is better - and for that, we need more developers adopting the technologies.

LearnWeb3 // Cosmos Hub

We would like to put together a proposal to request a grant from the Cosmos Hub to build a highly comprehensive developer-focused educational curriculum about building on Cosmos.

In addition to that, we would like to work together on setting up some Bounties and Hackathons as well.

This is an early stage forum post to get initial thoughts and feedback from Forum members who have been more active in the day-to-day Cosmos ecosystem than I have to understand your priorities and the current state of developer adoption of Cosmos.

I’d love to hear from you and work the way up to a proposal that makes sense and solves the pain points you see today.

P.S. I cannot post links to our platform as I’m a new Forum member. You can find the LearnWeb3 website by searching for it on DuckDuckGo/Google/etc.

Wasnt there 2 specific programs for it? One for creators with small budgets and then there is the growth DAO too?