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Gm Cosmonauts :astronaut:, we are Stakin a validator in over 30 networks with a strong focus on the Cosmos ecosystem and wanted to use this forum to introduce ourselves to the Cosmos Community.

Can you tell us a little bit about your validator – who are you and what makes you stand out from the others?

We are a professional infrastructure operator for Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks with a focus on non-custodial staking. We’ve been offering our services for 3+ years across a broad range of networks, with a strong commitment to the Cosmos ecosystem. By staking with us, you earn a staking yield, but also support a validator that is active in decentralized governance and community contributions. We are also a verified operator on Staking Rewards.

Our team consists of 15+ people who share a similar passion for blockchain, network infrastructure and cybersecurity. We are a full remote global team composed of DevOps, network infrastructure, finance and cryptocurrency experts.

We serve institutional crypto players, foundations, custodians, exchanges as well as a large community of token holders. We have been providing staking services for more than 3 years, and now cover 30+ networks, with 25,000+ delegators and 0 slashing history.

We put outstanding focus on providing educational material for our delegators and contribute to networks by participating in testnets and mainnet. We collaborate with other validators in our networks and communities to support the networks we validate in to grow. The content we’ve published for Cosmos and Cosmos SDK blockchains can be seen on Cosmos - Stakin.

Stakin has strong expertise running validators for Cosmos and Cosmos SDK blockchains:

  • Cosmos blockchain node operator since cosmoshub-1, which launched in March 2019
  • Game of Zones participant, testing key features such as IBC and IBC relayers
  • In addition to Cosmos, Stakin supports 20+ networks in the Cosmos ecosystem and works on multiple testnet that are built on Tendermint
  • Dedicated protocol wizard and experts with strong technical knowledge and committed to Cosmos networks

How do you make governance decisions? What is your process for deciding how to vote on proposals, and how do you ensure that you keep delegators’ best interests in mind?

We participate in all governance proposals, this way we support further development on the networks we validate in, with special focus on what our community and the Cosmos community want.

Our Protocols Wizards are responsible for monitoring every active proposal on each of our networks, including the Cosmos Hub, and ensuring that we participate in them.

We have channels to discuss new proposals internally and invite our delegators to join the debate publicly on our Discord and Telegram, while posting our thoughts on our social media to start conversation about proposals and to measure community sentiment. Every week we share a Cosmos ecosystem governance recap, and are always open to discuss our votes with our delegators and the community.

We see governance as a way to empower our delegators and make sure their voices are heard.

Beyond running validators, we lead efforts to increase decentralization across the staking economy. Some examples are:

  • Member of the Cosmos Validators League
  • Umee Validator DAO
  • Evmos Governance Council

What are your hopes and goals for the Cosmos Hub?

Blockchains have remained siloed for the past decade, which has limited scalability and created competing ecosystems that do not communicate with each other. It is our view that the future of blockchain lies in interoperability protocols and application specific blockchains. That’s why we are big supporters of ecosystems such as Cosmos.

We think features like Interchain Account and Interchain Security will enable developers to create dapps accessible to all kind of users while abstracting the challenges paused by blockchain user experience, all while the $ATOM token accrues value for its network and its users.

We hope to continue being an active validator for the Cosmos Hub and the other 20+ networks we validate in the ecosystem.

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