Wallet Lunie.io problem! Help!

Wallet Lunie.io problem!
When I first registered in Lunie.io I made registration through the address of the wallet.
May 1. 2019 - I transferred “ATOM” to this address “cosmos111…” without Ledger Nano S - he was not needed for Lunie.
Now, in order to remove the “ATOM” from Lunier, we need confirmation of Ledger Nano S.
I bought a Ledger and installed the Ledger Life app.
Installed Cosmos app.
When I try to bring the ATOM through Ledger, it fails. I can not complete a transaction.
When I enter Lunie through Ledger, then another address is automatically created for Ledger “cosmos222…”.
But at this address I have “0” - “ATOM”.
What to do to bring the ATOM to the exchange?

Why the signature does not work Ledger nano S ?
When you press the buttons:
“Withdrawal failed: signature verification failed; verify correct account sequence and chain-id”

How to transaction the ATOM if the account was not originally registered Ledger Nano S ?

Who write the problem?
Where is ATOM support ?

Sorry to hear this Vitalij. Our team will try to resolve this with you over email. Thanks for reaching out!

Hello. Same problem here using terminal client on Arch.

@jbibla @nonam
Coordinate, & contact also with Ledger guys support team.


Don’t be spammy on officials’ emails, & avoid distractions.
DevOps, we have to solve issues for the best user experience.


Im having trouble accessing my Lunie.io account via ledger nano x

Any ideas?