Unable to sign delegation transaction with Ledger Nano S + Cosmos App

I’m trying to delegate atoms using the command:
gaiacli tx staking delegate XXXXX YYYYuatom --from ZZZZ --ledger --gas auto --gas-prices 0.025uatom

My ledger has been properly initialized, the cosmos application is installed and open.

The command either hangs or I get this response: ERROR: [APDU_CODE_OUTPUT_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL] Authentication method blocked.

At NO POINT does any prompt come up on my ledger. Quitting the Cosmos app while the command is hanging gives this error: ERROR: ledger nano S: hidapi: unknown failure.

Please advise on how I can resolve this issue – I am eager to delegate.

Thank you.

Hi Theophoric,
I think you are discussing this issue here:

This is probably because you are running v1.0.0
The problem was fixed weeks ago in v1.0.1

If your Ledger firmware is still 1.4.2, Ledger Live does not seem to show new versions.
Please upgrade your Ledger firmware to 1.5.5

Then you will have access to the latest Cosmos app v1.1.1 and the issue should be fixed.


Thank you jleni – this was the proper fix.

I had an older version of Ledger Live installed, which apparently can’t detect on its own that it’s out of date and can’t detect that there’s newer versions of firmware available for the Nano. Will just add this to the infinitely long list of frustrations and headaches I’ve had with the product.

I tweeted this out because too many people are finding the same problem…


I retweeted this and broadcasted it across Cosmos subreddit and telegram groups. People should be sufficiently notified. And if not, we can point them to this forum post.

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