Cosmos App v2.18 on Ledger - LUNA issue

I’ve used the Cosmos app on Ledger to manage my LUNA tokens via Terrastation without any issue up until a few days ago. I started getting the two errors (one posted below - the other is a general “Oops! Something went wrong” below when I would try and sign a transaction (either to claim staking rewards, initiate a token swap, etc.). I can login with my ledger and it correctly imports my address and reflects my balances, but it’s essentially "view only’. I’m running Cosmos v2.18.0 on my ledger. I successfully claimed/staked rewards last on March 4 (I can’t recall if the Cosmos app updated since then via Ledger Live).

I’ve also tried to use both Chrome, Brave and the TerraStation desktop app on two separate computers - all getting the same results. So that leads me to believe it’s definitely the Cosmos 2.18.0 ledger app (a search of Twitter uncovered a few users like me in the same boat with that version and issues).

Any thoughts or help is appreciated!!