Architect Nodes - Validator Profile

Who are we?

Architect Nodes is founded by a team of IT professionals who have designed and managed enterprise software solutions in the past. Our skillset in software solutions enables us to provide secure and reliable services for public blockchains. We are a community driven independent validator.

What networks do we support?

Active set: EVMOS, Bitsong, Fetch.AI, Gravity Bridge, Stride, Persistence, Band, Comdex
Inactive: Cosmos hub

Infrastructure Setup:

We own our servers to run validator nodes for different networks and they are in our custody. Keys are managed using remote signer with HSM security. We also have managed servers in data center to provide site redundancy for our primary validator. For power, we use redundant UPS backups with extra battery packs. We have redundant ISP services onsite and planning to add one more ISP. All servers use redundant power and network connectivity provided by redundant switches.

We also use servers in data centers to provide Relayers, API/RPC and testnet services.


We use Tenderduty on our nodes for validator alerting. Hardware and validator related events are fed to Prometheus and custom alerts are created for notification. Pagerduty and Discord are used for alerting to provide redundancy.

IBC Relaying:

We offer relayer services across multiple Cosmos chains and channels. At the time of writing, we offer relayer services on Cosmos, OSMO, EVMOS, Bitsong, Fetch.AI, Persistence, Stride and Juno. We will offer relayers on any new network added to our validation service.

API/RPC services:

We offer public API/RPC endpoints for Cosmos, EVMOS, Bitsong and Persistence. These end points are added to Cosmos Chain registry. Plan is to offer API/RPC endpoints for all our chains in near future.

Governance Participation:

Governance participation is important for us to make sure that voice of our delegators is heard in every proposal. We are engaged with fellow validators and Cosmos community on Discord, Twitter and Telegram. We gather feedback from different stakeholders and go with our gut using all the data available to us.

Contact us for more info:
Discord: Architect Nodes