Polkachu Validator

Who are we?

Polkachu is founded by a group of technology professionals who focus on providing the highest quality infrastructure and services for public blockchain networks. We believe that a decentralized world is what the future holds, and we want to be a part of it by being a blockchain validator.

What networks do we support as validators?

Today, we run validators in many PoS blockchains. Our validators are active on Tendermint-based mainnets (Akash, Asset Mantle, Bitcanna, Certik, Chihuahua, Cerberus, Comdex, Cosmos Hub, Crescent, Evmos, Fetch, Gravity Bridge, Galaxy, Injective, Juno, Kava, Kichain, Konstellation, Meme, Nomic, Nym, Osmosis, Sifchain, Sommelier, Stargaze, and Umee) and Substrate-based mainnets (Polkadot, Kusama, and Polkadex). Overall, delegators/nominators have trusted us with close to $100M in crypto assets. You can find more information about us on our website (https://polkachu.com).

IBC relaying

To support the blockchain communities, we also run IBC relayers for the Cosmos ecosystem at our own cost. Currently, we have 5 relayer hubs. See Polkachu IBC Relayers | Polkachu.

Governance participation

We actively participate in the on-chain governance (see Governance Vote Record | Polkachu), engage with the community on Discord, and run testnet/devnet nodes when needed. We try our best to be a good community member in addition to providing the validation service.

Validator infrastructure products for the ecosystem

We have 7 main infrastructure products:

  1. State-Sync: Polkachu provides state-sync servers on Tendermint-based chains. Node operators can quickly sync up a node with minimum storage requirement. Currently we support state-sync on 24 Tendermint-based chains. Tendermint-Based Chain State-Sync | Polkachu
  2. Node Snapshot: Polkachu provides Tendermint-based chain snapshots for node operators to quickly sync up a node. These nodes are frequently state-synced to reduce the storage requirement. Currently we support node snapshot on 27 Tendermint-based chains. Tendermint-Based Chain Snapshots | Polkachu
  3. Public RPC: Polkachu offers public RPC endpoints for developers and users on 27 Tendermint-based chains. Polkachu Public RPCs | Polkachu. Here is a PR to add many of our RPC endpoints to the chain registry: Add ~20 RPC endpoints by Polkachu by PolkachuIntern · Pull Request #290 · cosmos/chain-registry · GitHub
  4. Public API: Polkachu offers public API endpoints for developers and users on 27 Tendermint-based chains. Polkachu Public APIs | Polkachu
  5. Live Peers, Seed Nodes and Addrbooks: Polkachu provides P2P peers, seed nodes and addrbook.json files on Tendermint-based chains that allow node operators to quickly connect with networks. Currently we support live peers, seed nodes and addrbooks on 28 Tendermint-based chains. Tendermint-Based Chain Live Peers | Polkachu, https://polkachu.com/seeds, and Tendermint-Based Chain Addrbooks | Polkachu
  6. Interchain Upgrade Watcher: We keep track of network upgrades and show live consensus progress at the upgrade height. Currently we support chain upgrades on 26 Tendermint-based chains. Interchain Upgrade Watcher | Polkachu
  7. Testnet Labs: While the above products are designed for mainnets, we also offer supports for many testnets with the same product offering (mostly state-sync, live peers, RPC and API). Currently we support on 14 Tendermint-based testnets. Polkachu Testnet Labs | Polkachu

Open-source work

we open-source our deployment scripts and provide community tools for validators and delegators alike.

Our open-source scripts include: