Can't find COSMOS or Cosmos App on Ledger Live

I did the initial setup of ledger from the fundraiser, did some delegation as well. Currently I have the COSMOS app installed. I tried to login today to ledger live after 2-3 months and it needed an update. I did the update to 1.10.2 but I can’t find neither the COSMOS app or the new Cosmos one. sais I am on an outdated app when I try to login with my ledger. Any suggestions? My ledger was already with the 1.5.5 firmware.

The most likely cause is that you have not enabled “Developer mode” in the Ledger Live application.

Go to Settings (The tiny gear in the top-right corner) and select the regrettably named “Experimental features” tab. In that tab, enable the “Developer mode” option.

If I remember correctly, this is due to Ledger reviewing all apps before allowing them to be published in their app store, and have not yet made it to the Cosmos app.

Thank you haasted. I was lucky to log in to my old computer that had an older version of Ledger and managed to pull it off from there.