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I’m asking here following a friend advice. I’m running out of solutions…

I’v installed Keplr and decided to transfer 1050 usdt from kucoin to Keplr using a Cosmos Hub adress. When I flashed the QR code in my kucoin app, it automatically selected Near network for the transfer. I found that a bit akward at first and decided to validate, thinking it might be interoperable…It’s been cupple of hours and I didn’t recieve my fund.

Do you have any clue, what happend, and any advice on what I might do to solve this issue please.

thanks a lot,

PS : Below the details of my transaction

Time 2024-04-05 11:43:55
Network Near
Address/Account cosmos1qknxvlvmxpwljgakl8cr5ksw9y2a2tyms7dwpe
TxHash 4HkPGNbRqxzxGoL6bkUoVqJNzxb3cZqb8HfJEvNnKRiB

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Since the funds are on NEAR, they might know more, but it doesn’t look good, or interoperable.

A NEAR address can be a hexadecimal number, or it can be a name. Names can be literally anything, but on NEAR mainnet it’s only possible to register a new name if it ends in .near.

The Kucoin app must not have bothered to do any validation, it didn’t notice that this address you sent your funds to doesn’t end in .near so it can’t possibly be a named address, and it’s also not 64 hexadecimal characters, so it can’t be an implicit address. If it’s neither of those 2 things, it can’t be a valid NEAR account.

It’s slightly surprising the protocol itself allowed the transaction to go through.


Yes indeed, it’s slightly surprising…does that me

an my funds just vanished ? Is that even possible ?

Kucoin sent the Tether to an address that doesn’t exist and can’t be created so no one can spend them or send them anywhere else. Seems like Kucoin’s app and their servers didn’t do simple address validation to avoid this kind of error.

Hey there @Jan_Swartebroeckx !

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Our technical team is currently investigating the reason for this and we will update our website as soon as possible.

If you prefer, you can also contact live support Team via Keplr Wallet Delayed Transactions Help Page directly with the ticket ID COS464 if you don’t want to share those on this thread!

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