Draft: Formally request AllInBits, Inc to pay Grace Yu's legal expenses

@jacobgadikian and @0xNGMI please keep the personal drama that stems from early days out of the forum (and preferably also out of Cosmos as a whole) . The vast majority of Cosmos/$ATOM stakers have no idea nor any interest in it. Please keep the discussion strickly to the contents of the prop. When/if the prop goes live then you can express your opinion by voting.


This is also an un-true statement.

The Founder was cast aside from leading the ICF supposedly because of Conflict of interest between AIB and ICF. Then a hostile takeover attempt ensued

The same Conflicts of interest that now exist with ICF and Ethan sponsored Devshops Informal and Strangelove ( And you via Delgations)

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Ah, Pooky, let me share something with you:

In the earliest days there was no drama and @jaekwon was a joy to work with. I miss that version of him tons. I hope that he has the kinds of life changes that I did at one point. Here’s muh cosmonaut history:

  • sometime in 2016: met jae because I was trying to learn about blockchains in Go because I wanted to improve on steemit.com. He spent the better part of a week teaching me tendermint 1:1. It was very kind.
  • 2017: I had a very serious mental health breakdown and stole a giant truck full of sand in cambodia because I was delusional and I thought that I needed to steal transportation and drive it to china.
  • 2017.jail: I was in jail a bit
  • 2017.funnyfarm: The owner of the truck declined to press charges. My family got me to a psychiatrist and eventually to a mental hospital in Buffalo, NY, I was treated with lithium and made a fully recovery from Bipolar I with psychotic features. Like many folks with bipolar, I had no previous history of serious mental health trouble. Other than a really odd sleep schedule, I don’t really experience symptoms anymore.
  • 2017.rebirth: I started a bitcoin mning services company with folks I met at a Buffalo, NY bitcoin meetup. We patented a demand repsonse system for inside the fence bitcoin mining at generators. The company is still operational today.
  • 2017-dec2019: no significant involvement in cosmos. Busy mining. Did run a gaia-5001 validator called droneenergy tho.
  • Jan 1 2020: began to work directly for Jae Kwon on the same day that everyone else packed up and left.

Point being thre’s actually a lot of “early” stuff that I don’t know about because I had the btc mining gap. idek really what ngmi is on about rn.

I am very lucky to be alive, and I am very lucky to have recovered from fairly serious mental health problems. If you or someone you know is feeling unwell mentally:

  • feel free to reach out
  • don’t hesitate to get help. it saved my life.
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Thank you for your open and honest reply. I realy appreciate that. :pray: respect

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Community members are actively being banned at the new Governance Group you created alongside Grace for saying they like Jae Kwon the Founder of the Cosmos Hub

Imagine that happening in any other ecosystem

no one has been banned for that reason.

Are you backing off from 791?

no, I remain strongly in support of 791 because this proposal is non-binding – hub gov cannot force AiB to drop the lawsuit. So, I support both proposals fully.

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Sir reading 791, (I don’t want to sound insensitive), I feel it is an individual case and has nothing to do with the cosmos community. We can argue if AIB was wrong or right, and for instance, we suppose they are wrong doesn’t give us the right to ask the community to fight against them from the community pool.

If we argue that Grace Yu was a whistle-blower and has done favour to the community in the public good. Don’t you think one should be proactive rather than reactive?


Stop with governance SPAM

There is no place for this here.

This is ABUSE!

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I’m not sure what you mean, but will not be putting this one on the chain today.

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i wonder why you don’t have a discussion in private with jae.

we see that making it public doesn’t work (prop 791 for exemple), we saw it with denis case.

Honestly, community member who voted no or nwv dont care about grace or dont even know her.

This prop have 0 power like the prop censure “all node”.

what i see is that you are the main culpit for this, grace is a “puppet” or “a victim” if you lived in us, you will be the one who get lawsuit ( just my guess).

I think you should review your way to do thing.

just a review of a random community guy


Hey man, that has not been possible because he has cut off all communication with me. I don’t know the guy’s phone number anymore, I’m literally right now reaching out to him in coordination with a number of people, but he does not respond so that makes what you’re suggesting very challenging. I wish to strongly assure you in the strongest possible terms that I think that the situation absolutely is terrible and that I have made numerous, in fact countless attempts to speak to the dude before making this post on this here forum .

Thank you very much.

let me tell you about the other founder. I mean it’s an ugly show. So guys remember proposal 75 where we strictly defined what the veto means, well, guess what? I am sure that Informal voted yes on that.

Long as that veto is up, they just toadies.

If this isn’t understood I can’t help that.

But something I know for very very sure is that you don’t do a 2 hour long podcast and publicly announced that you’re not doing business with a certain person or company on a matter that is merely spam.

Here are quotes from Informal Systems team members:

  • We think it’s spam
  • I’m disappointed that both sides of this conflict have such an exceptional ability to divide and alienate.

My response: this is a pattern of behavior that has been occuring for years and years. One side filed a federal lawsuit. One side distributes Nazi propaganda at work. The other side is Grace Yu.

Note to AiBICFormal: votes aren’t finalized until the 4th of may

Hi @xjupitar seems that you agree with @buchmanster team at Informal.

Sir, the lawsuit is nearly entirely false statements. If you wish for the hub to excel, then I strongly suggest that you help us to make the hub a bastion of truth when fat Gaia makes her court appearance.

The expansion of the legal attack surface area on the hub by one of Gaia’s own founders is unconscionable.

I talk for myself but i feel like you are making the hub what you don’t want it to be.

i agree with @xjupitar

I see that instead of making ONE strong proposal which should be discuss (2 weeks). People are making proposal, a, b, c.

I vetoed because of the process & more and not about the content.

Also, you say you take prop 791 seriously but you dont take community opinion.

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He refuses to. I’m blocked by him on twitter, and pending permission from others I will post a screenshot of a chat group that both he and his personal assistant, Carolyn Pherson, have been informed of, containing myself, others cited in the suit, an AADAO member, and Grace Yu.

Moderator’s note to all:

Please remember the human.

Ad-hominem attacks or disrespectful language toward others will not be tolerated.

There are ways to discuss opinions without attacking others.

Failure to abide by these policies will result in a warning.

2 warnings will result in a suspension…

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The group is requested that I do not provide a screenshot, however, at least one member of the group is happy to describe the situation.

He would like for it to be a safe space to have a proper conversation, and I am willing to bend to that point of view.

@tom @jacobgadikian @xjupitar @0xNGMI

I have gone through and flagged various posts as being inappropriate. These posts have been tagged as inappropriate because:

  • They use derogatory language in association with another person or entity
    • The alternative to this is explaining from your perspective about why you disagree with someone’s actions by providing context and not assigning an insulting judgement to that person or entity
  • The posts are threatening in nature
  • The posts insult another human being

In some cases, action has been taken immediately and the posts have been flagged and hidden. In other cases, the posts have been merely flagged, and will be hidden if others also flag it.

If you disagree with any of the above, please feel free to send me a message for clarification.

Kind reminder that it is possible to talk about traumatic events or events that deeply hurt us with compassion and empathy. It is only in doing so that we will meaningfully improve the situation. Please see the non-violent communication methodology about how you might choose to engage instead.

I am recommending this because I believe it can drastically increase the efficacy of governance as well as help us create a healthier governance culture where more people feel empowered to participate and solve the complex set of challenges that the industry, the ecosystem, and the Hub itself faces.


trigger warning this post is about to contain content that you may find disturbing: the original gno documentation

Hi abra, I’d like specific feedback on this, if you felt that anything I said was inappropriate.

I continue to strongly assert that Nazi is the correct word to describe content in line with the views of the German national socialist party.

I promise you, I did not bring this topic to bear, and that I will finish it.

I will now post each image from the folder of Nazi filth that was put together by Jae Kwon.

The nonviolent thing to do when confronted with something very, very bad, distributed in a very, very wrong way, is to put a huge trigger warning on it, and share it so no one is guessing, so that they know. I am aware that this content may make people uncomfortable . That is the point. It ought to.

trigger warning: Jae Kwon on Das Juden & Catholics & Jesuits

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