Draft: Formally request AllInBits, Inc to pay Grace Yu's legal expenses

It is okay to be a proceduralist if you want to.

It is also okay to be a Nazi, privately, not harming anyone, just thinking all kinds of wierd hateful thoughts.

When someone begins to use their role as CEO of a large business that kicked off a large blockchain ecosystem to promote these ideas, that is precisely the time it becomes an issue. No one should be surprised by the blowback.

It is not okay to distribute Nazi stuff at work then undermine the hub by fleeing to fiat courts.

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I think that’s actually really smart man, thank you so much!

Also please note that that’s less than one quarter of the Nazi filth folder and I’ll probably be putting the rest of it here shortly. you came up with a great solution sir.

You might be right or wrong.

But you are the only one who is spreading all the time(like spamming).

I was thinking all this lawsuit might be because of this and maybe he dont want to spread it because it bring a bad image.

You are spreading this narrative…i wonder if you really want him to drop the lawsuit…

Second tought : i am wondering if you write in the proposal, that you or notional will not comment (or drop your claim) any further about AIB and jae in the future.
Will it have more impact? than just asking to drop (because he will win nothing from it)

the lawsuit is because some people used to github shared to people not used to github what the CEO of AiB is sharing publicly on github as a forefront of Gno ethos (the antisemitic things) ?

gymnastics have no limits.

pro tip : if you don’t want a bad image of you being spread, don’t be antisemitic.

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Message to all => the prop is on chain #793. Discussion here has not much purpose anymore, express your opinion by voting

(btw somehow the title of this topic seems to have changed which is a bit strange and unnescessary now the prop is on chain)

at least one member of the group is happy to describe the situation.

As context, a few days ago a Signal chat was created and Jae was invited to join along with the others named in the AiB lawsuit.

The idea was that without re-opening anything from the past, if each person involved in this situation could simply make a commitment to ‘mutual respect’ as a shared ideal going forward it would be a pathway to everyone escaping from this lose-lose situation.

The parties named in the lawsuit have reassured me of their personal commitment to the value of mutual respect and their willingness to come into the chat and express their commitment to this ideal in writing in Jae’s presence, and are waiting for Jae to reciprocate.

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Fyi only Grace was named and the corporation DAO, Zaki, Jack and I were cited. I’ve learned a good deal of legalese on this one.


793 asks AiB to drop the lawsuit. This pending proposal will ask AiB to pay 420.69% of Grace Yu’s legal expenses.


can 796 ask AiB to clap their cheeks in a snoop dog music video?


no thanks, that is really… indeed and truly out of scope. You can feel free to make that governance proposal, and at least, on Notional’s part, we’ll veto it.

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Fair enough, agree on the YES option!

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Hey there buddy, since you are a yes voter, I want to ask you about something, maybe take a little survey here:

When I wrote this proposal, I put a significant amount of time and to thinking about whether or not to use the word Nazi. I chose to use it because well what else do you call somebody who is deeply against Catholics, Jews, and Jesuits?

But on second thought, I’m thinking that it could just be too strong, in terms of language.

I would really love to get your feedback, and the feedback of the community on that.

I still strongly think that it is the correct thing for AIB to do to pay Grace’s legal fees.