[DRAFT PROPOSAL] Reduce community pool tax to 2%


Throwing a feeler out there to see if there is appetite to reduce the community pool tax back to where it was at 2%.

In my view, community atoms are almost always spent frivolously and due to the inherent lack of ability for the hub to provide oversight, fails in typical market standards one would expect when procuring services.

I would like to see the community pool used for the bare minimum - to fund atom maintenance not currently within ICF scope.

Additionally, I’d like to see part of the pool burned into oblivion as well, which will do more for price than paying for “services” ever will.


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It appears there’s a concern about prices, much like previous complaints we’ve noticed recently. This seems to align with the prevailing negative sentiment, which is strongly associated with the current low ATOM dominance.

However, the key point to remember is that this chart shows a stable range. There are times of excitement, times of disappointment, but only a few assets in this industry have the privilege to endure for over 5 years and remain in the top 50. We might be at a historical low in terms of dominance, but this could be an excellent opportunity to remain optimistic about the Hub and counter the prevailing negativity.

Historically, ranges are ideal for contrarian behavior until they are broken. These challenging times for sentiment are when critical decisions should be made. We believe that reducing costs and ‘doing nothing’ is the opposite of what should be done.

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I’m not saying do nothing. I’m saying do the bare minimum for services that are actually driving value to ATOM , like informal’s work, and possibly some other much smaller high value grants that a small pool can support.

rolling back taxes validators implimented to steal from delegators for grant farming is not something validators will vote for.

reduce the community tax, redirect ICS revenues to the community pool .