Gaia-9000 Planning thread


Monday sounds perfect! Thanks :slight_smile:


Sounds good, agree!:grin:


Any update on gaia-9000


I’m working on the scripts to convert gaia-8001 state to gaia-9000 state but Devcon meetings keep distracting me.


Cool @zaki,I started working on v0.25.0.When I try to run a full node for a new testnet on 0.25,it’s giving me panic about bech32 address.Just wanted to confirm if this has been checked in any of your simulations.


Same here. The error seems to be triggered always from gaiad start but not when executing directly from docker: docker run -vpwd/build:/gaiad tendermint/gaiadnode with a clean state.


This issue might be relevant to you.

Note gaia-8001 state is not directly compatible with v0.25


The state munging script is mostly complete( Now just waiting on v0.26 release from the sdk team