Gaia-9000 Planning thread

Hello Validators,

The Cosmos-SDK v0.25 release looks likely for Oct 16th which means we should be ready for gaia-9000 on Oct 19th or Oct 22nd.

gaia-9000 will be a standard state export and distributed network startup.

gaia-9000 will not be the Game of Stakes testnet. GoS will start after we have some confidence in the stability of gaia-9000

We haven’t stretched the testnet launch muscles in almost 3 months so we all may be rusty.

We are now extremely close to launch with Proof of Stake effectively completed in the GoS milestone.

Lets use this as a key moment to get ready for the Cosmos Hub to go live.


Launch 9k like Lets do it the same day software release. :point_right::rocket:
Can’t wait

gogogo! gaia 9000! lets do the job 333

Great news!!!
Cannot wait!!!

Great! Looking forward to the release of v0.25 and start gaia-9000! :sunglasses:

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Amazing! I’ve been missing the upgrade and launch process. Can’t wait for the new features either. Time for some more testing!

Can we try forking the current chain to start gaia-9000 with new genesis file?

@kwunyeung I don’t understand what you are proposing.

Is it possible to keep the current blocks, upgrade the software and replace the chain-id to become gaia-9000?

expect this key moment.

No, we’ve made many breaking changes to the way things are stored in state on both the tendermint and the sdk side.


Since the cosmos sdk still hasn’t been released, maybe ~Monday for gaia-9000


We are deep in simulator bug finding territory on the v0.25 release.

All Hail the Simulator.
how will the new bech32 effect the GoS registration?
some people still use cosmosaccaddr1 for signup

I have a tool for updating the bech32 hrp prefixes. It’s not an issue.


we are waiting for sdk v0.25 and gaia-9000…

The SDK team is planning to cut v0.25 rc0 zero today and start the internal testnet.

How would be people feel about targeting Monday for gaia-9000?


monday is the best! agree!

Monday is perfect!!!

oh, good agree! ㅎㅎㅎㅎ