GSOC style programme for students

As a student myself, I found GSOC style internship programme really influence the future generation of developers.
For those who don’t know about GSOC, it is a open source development internship for students all over the world.
It would be great if we have something similar to this from COSMO hub.

You have the community pool. Why not propose something on top of it?

I would like to, but first I would like to see if the community are interested in this kind of ideas. Especially projects building on COSMOS, if they want to mentor students or not… cause without their involvement this will not work

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I defo am interested. Cant speak for others, alas =)

Where would this take place?
What benefit would it have for Cosmos and the Atom token?
Is there a cost to it
Is it expected that Atom from the community be given away for this?
A little more information and details to this idea would be amazing as it “Could” benefit if applied in the right way

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  1. It would be remotely, think of this as a remote internship for university student
    2.1) It allow computer science students around the world to develop open source tools for cosmos projects for free (with potential bringing in new developers)
    2.2) Organic advertisement for Cosmos worldwide
  2. There is a cost, including setting a legal entity that admin contract, and also stipend for students
  3. Yes of course as the programme will benefit the whole ecosystem

everything is good I think all the community need to proposals for the project. Before we can do anything about its.

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