Immutability of my content due to legal threat

Good day @ebuchman @jaekwon,

Please do take this as an open letter to you both.

Mr. Kwon, in a draft governance proposal on this forum, I repeatedly described content you distributed as “nazi”. I apologize, as it would be best to just have said “anti semitic, anti catholic, and anit Jesuit” many many times. As I am cited in your federal lawsuit against Grace Yu, even though the things described about me in that suit are fully false, I have had to get a little advice from some folks in the legal services industry, and they let me know that I should not delete or mutate content online. Actually this is really quite terrifying as I’m really no longer in control of my own content choices. I implore you to drop the lawsuit against Grace Yu, it is harming cosmos deeply. I also implore you to stop what you’re doing, pick up the phone, call Grace, apologize, pay her legal fees, and get on with life. It’s based as hell to be able to admit you made an oopsie sir.

Mr. Buchman, I’ve referred to your company as AIBICFormal, and that’s not so great. Please note that I was concerned by what seemed to be a lack of adherence to the terms of proposal 75, and I do humbly apologize for that, and for the repurposing of the trojan horse meme made by golden staking. I made an oopsie there, but currently cannot change content. I do value your organization’s work, and recognize that that ICS is a significant technical accomplishment.

I was going to edit the content I made, but remembered that I have been advised not to.

I will also cite a failure on my part, and mention that I believe that you’re participating as well:

What we should be doing as leaders, is steering the networks of cosmos in the most positive possible direction. So, to both Bucky and Jae, if I have used language or content that is too strong, I’m sorry.

Jae, please don’t run about sharing content like the original gno docs. That is badmkay?

I will be writing a piece soon, on how I see the future of the hub, and also how I see all the chains of cosmos as a unified software platform, and why that requires improving human relationships as well.

Final Note:

Jae, please drop the lawsuit and pay grace’s legal expenses. There are so many non factual statements in that document, and it is harmful to cosmos at large.

to both

Would be nice if ya unblock me, as twitter is the easiest way to speak. And by speaking, improvements can happen. This is a large part of the transparency push, essentially that we should get the community the needed information to prosper.

Just wanted to add a little info about my personal process for taking and responding to legal advice. I call it the Venn diagaram. Lawyers are like any professional and can be wrong for various reasons, and of course, they have biases, too.

Therefore on any important matter, it makes sense to contact several attorneys for an initial opinion.

On this particular matter I contacted four attorneys, as I’ve never had a former employer lie about me in a federal court before, but that is precisely what happened here.

There was one consistent piece of advice, everything else varied from attorney to attorney:

Do not delete content you post online.

I will abide by this, until conclusion. I hope that both of you and everyone in cosmos will please be understanding about the matter – I will not delete anything I say even if it is dumb but if it is dumb I’ll gladly retract it.

But I won’t disobey a 4/4 legal venn diagram.

I just wanted to comment that this lawsuit that makes false allegations about me has meaningful impacts on discussion of cosmos.

Today I’m going to delete some tweets that don’t represent my point of view well.

One is a conversation with @tom.

Another is some points in a discussion about ICF funding where I got off track.

~None should be material to AIB v Grace Yu.~

But I don’t know and I do feel threatened.

Actually I read the tweet that @tom wanted me to delete. It tagged Allinbits and I don’t think that I can delete it.

I think I can’t delete anything anymore. @tom, I’m sorry.

sorry to tell you Jacob there are reasons my social account is private, one of them is not being RTed/quoted.

i guess here is not the place to talk about that, but taking screenshots of a private account and sharing those screenshots publicly is not fair at all, nor respectful.

again please delete. or i’ll have to take preventive actions to avoid that to happen in the future.

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Would that preventative action be a lawsuit in federal court?

i’d have to run with thousands of genesis tokens and to dump them on a CEX to be able to do that

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I think it was millions of Genesis tokens. The last sale by AIB of tokens was 500k atoms.

I hope that you can appreciate the pickle that I’m in and and accept my apologies. I recall upon looking at this, that I took the screenshot because when I’m talking to you on Twitter, only what I am saying is visible and I became worried.

I don’t really know what to do about it and I guess we had better just not interact on Twitter again until you’ve made your account public or something. Sorry dude.

By the way, there’s information about AIB finances above. If You were to dig in a steadfast manner, you can probably find additional information on their finances.

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