Interchain Foundation's Annual Report 2022

The Interchain Foundation seeks to be a long-term entity with the mission to sustainably fund public goods.

We recognize that a deep-rooted vision requires strong fundamentals.

A transition that starts with more transparent communication!

The interchain is an open interoperable economy built on open-source principles.

Aiming to provide a more fair and decentralized future.

A vision that lives upon the trust of our community.

Building trust requires clear and true communication.

The ICF is committed to bringing more transparency to the community.

This is a necessary action to start a new era of collaboration.

This year, as a new team we have taken the first steps toward our goals:

  • We renewed our commitment to drive the growth of the Interchain
  • Announced our 2023 funding plans
  • Brought clarity on current funding
  • Launched the new Atom delegation policy

Today we continue this path by sharing the 2022 Annual Report.

In this report, we will share not only how we supported the ecosystem in 2022, but also about the meaningful organizational changes that we have experienced thus far.

Throughout this document, you will learn about who we are today, the community of teams we work with, and how we operate!

See the ‘2022 Annual Report’ here



  • When did the BOM stop talking to the TAB?

  • Why did the BOM stop talking to the TAB?

  • Why did the ICF not announce the TAB’s dissolution?

    • the consequence of opacity here is that when I had an issue that the tab could help with as technical advisors, I instead (metaphorically speaking) didn’t see a missing stair and broke my ankle, because (metaphorically speaking) instead of getting assistance I ended up witnessing a mexican standoff.
      • No one in the community could know that the TAB did not exist. TAB members fear retaliation, and in my opinion have already been retaliated against.
      • Only transparency can protect us from mexican standoffs and missing stairs
  • If the 2023 budget is set, why does this not provide information on the 2023 budget?

  • 2023 was for incumbents only. Please publicly recognize this or I my hand will be forced. I was told applications were closed. ____ was told to make an application. It was explained away as “well they’re incumbents”.

  • The ICF article about the dissolution of the TAB says that TAB members helped to design the 2023 budget. TAB members deny this. Please explain.

  • The ICF cited nondisclosure agreements with vendors as a reason for the slow delivery of this information to the community. Have those been nullified? If yes, bidirectional proof, please. If no, why not?

  • What was ixo funded to do? Did they do it?

Plz answer above queries.


I have given the interchain foundation permission to publish every word of every conversation at any time with a notional labs team member. They have not given me the same permission.

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