[RETRACTED] DRAFT: Formal Notional Censure9

Hi everyone, I’ve drafted some language regarding Jacob Gadikian and would like to get feedback.

Please let me know your thoughts. Text below:

Dear Cosmos Community,

I am writing to formally propose a request for Jacob Gadikan, the CEO of Notional, to take a 6-month break from social media platforms. I believe this break is necessary due to Mr. Gadikan’s behavior on social media, which has been extremely disruptive and counterproductive to the Cosmos community.

Mr. Gadikan’s behavior on social media has been obstreperous and distracting, causing a significant amount of division within the Cosmos community. His constant posts and comments have created a significant amount of noise, which interferes with the social atmosphere that we could have in Cosmos. This noise is not only unpleasant but also limits the productivity of the space.

The request for a 6-month break from social media platforms would allow Mr. Gadikan to take some time away from the constant noise and distractions of social media. This time away could allow him to reflect on his behavior and the impact it has had on the Cosmos community. It could also allow him to refocus his efforts on more productive activities that would benefit the Cosmos community.

I understand that this proposal may seem extreme, but I believe it is necessary to maintain a productive and positive atmosphere within Cosmos. I hope you will consider this proposal seriously and take the appropriate action to help ensure that the Cosmos community can thrive without the negative impact of Mr. Gadikan’s behavior on social media.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Cosmos Community

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Jacob is the Cosmos ecosystem hound dog. He may be loud and he does bite, but he always manages to find some moles.

But I do appreciate his work, and the effort he puts in to security and protection of the Cosmos ecosystem and the ethos behind it. Needless to say, I’d rather have him involved and active.

That being said, I would love to have less drama in the Cosmos, and have that energy put towards marketing the vastly expanding ecosystem we have. But drama is bound to happen where important things are being built.

I still think we should introduce a betting oracle over governance. Will make things so much more fun

Dramas can be boring in the short term, given the overall impression of a fragmented community. In reality it is quite the opposite, it is from tumult and anarchy that great stories are born.

I think it’s good to let this process happen. That’s the charm of this ecosystem, it’s colorful and deep.

It’s the people and their stories that shape our narrative.

Let’s not forget that in the end we all win or lose together, I think everyone here knows that, Jacob too.

I abide by every passed gov prop.

I hope this goes to vote.

How can a proposal be this hypocritical.

Hypocritical or not, I really do wish that it were on the chain, eight days have passed now.

Why was this retracted?

I do hope that if the authors think it’s a good idea, that they bring it to a vote.

Would make the deposit but we would veto.