S16 Research Ventures - Validator Profile

Who we are

S16 Research Ventures is a Web3 fund and Validator. Our mission is to build and fund Web3 infrastructure and technologies, contributing to a more transparent and inclusive global financial system.

Why stake with us

Genesis members: We are genesis members of the Inter-blockchain ecosystem and have been validating since the genesis block.

Auto-Compound: Spend less time manually compounding your stake rewards. We support auto compounding through the REStake app for all chains we validate.

Contributions: In addition to providing a reliable validation service, we’re also contributing to the ecosystem. Our team runs IBC relayers for the Cosmos ecosystem and provides tutorials to help onboard new users.

Governance Participation

Our delegators care about our votes. In our internal process, we track proposals through automation and have a discussion space where team members discuss governance proposals thoroughly, and share vote suggestions.

Networks we support

We currently operate validators for protocols like Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, and Juno, and hope to add more as the ecosystem develops

Validator Infrastructure set-up

We operate a secure validator infrastructure utilizing sentry architecture. Sentry nodes defend against DDOS attacks and we can quickly spin up new sentry nodes as required. In addition, our signing keys are separated and secure. Performance is tracked closely and we continuously review our operations for improvements.

As for our monitoring system, we run a 24/7 monitoring and notification system that informs us of any unwanted behaviors

How to reach us




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