Updating the Forum UI

We would like to know who to get in contact with in order to discuss potential forum upgrades.
Recently dYdX has updated his own version of the forum and the result is very convincing.

We would like to propose a cooperation with them in order to implement similar kind of updates to the Hub’s forum. We simply wonder who to get in contact with to initiate such proposition!

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Very very good initiative.
need to improve this forum and encourage people to participate in governance (perhaps through rewards?)

@lexa maybe you could help us with that topic? :slightly_smiling_face:

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We can relate and agree with @Govmos and @Guinch_Roze

:bulb: Based on the features of Discourse AI, here are some potentials suggestions for improving the Cosmos Hub forum and Osmosis :

:rocket: Smart Chatbot: Integrate a chatbot that can answer questions about the Cosmos Hub and its ecosystem, including IBC forums like Osmosis. This would provide a quick and easy way for users to get information and support.

:eyes: Sentiment Analysis: Implement sentiment analysis to track the overall mood of the community and identify any issues that may need attention. This could help the Cosmos Hub team to better understand the community’s needs and concerns.

:writing_hand: AI Helper: Include an AI helper that can assist users in creating topics/posts or reading along, with features like explaining text, proofreading, translating, generating content, and more. This would enhance the user experience and encourage more engagement.

:warning: Toxicity Scan: Add a toxicity scan to flag inappropriate content and help maintain a safe and inclusive community.

:underage: NSFW Post Flags: Include NSFW post flags to identify and manage explicit content, ensuring the forum remains appropriate for all users.

:mag_right: Related Topics: Implement related topics to help users discover more relevant content, increasing engagement and community interaction.

:man_detective: AI Search: Incorporate AI search to improve the search function, finding topics that are semantically similar to the user’s query, not just exact keyword matches.These features could be implemented through the Discourse AI plugin, which allows for customization and the use of different AI providers to balance data privacy, performance, and vendor lock-in.

The Cosmos Hub team & osmosis team would need to evaluate the feasibility and costs of implementing these features and consider community feedback before proceeding with any changes.

Yes, Discourse forums have implemented various monetization

  • Tiered memberships with escalating advantages, such as early feature access and exclusive material for upper tiers; use member polls to refine offerings.

  • Focus on partnering with aligned organizations, granting users practical benefits (e.g., discounts, event access, privates sales).

  • Deliver premium support for advanced users and businesses utilizing the Cosmos Hub platform, potentially offering accelerated responses for payment.

  • Manage analytics data ethically, sharing transparent privacy policies and carefully explaining collection, storage, and dissemination procedures.

  • Highlight vetted, engaging content tied to the Cosmos Hub ecosystem, consistently refreshing selections and preserving impartiality.

  • Develop extensive API manuals and sample codes, supporting developers with devoted channels during Cosmos Hub project creation.

  • Investigate further monetization possibilities, e.g., opening donations via Open Collective or GitHub Sponsors, organizing expert-led webinars or workshops with attendance fees.

These measures enable the ATOM DAO Discourse forum to construct a flourishing income stream whilst upholding its fundamental beliefs and keeping users satisfied. Regular interaction with the community should continue throughout execution.

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