We shouldn't close posts after 14 days

Today I was reading through a very recent post by @Spaydh about planning for the hub.

I couldn’t reply.

There are posts here that go back to even before genesis, and in reality some of those conversations are ongoing.

If we really want this forum to be the center of discussion for the hub, then it makes no sense to close posts after 14 days.

We should actively desire that people come here and participate in conversations that are even a decade old.

Does old conversations should be re-examined and reinterpreted based on present circumstances.

The alternative is of course for the forum to lose mindshare (again)


I agree. Has happened to me a few times when I wanted to comment on something.


I agree as well, keeping posts open so others can contribute, regardless of how long down the line is can help grow community.


waits 14 days to see this post :sweat_smile:

I am not a forum admin right now but I’ll see what I can do. In the early days after Prop 63, people kept necroing low-value posts from years in the past and the locking period was helpful to keep the timely posts at the top.

I still think having a locking period is useful, but 14 days is obviously too short. Maybe it could be 60 days instead. Also possible that we could set it to have high trust users able to reply regardless of the lock (mods can do this, so until we’re able to make some changes, feel free to ping a mod and ask for an unlock if needed).


I agree :100::100::100: there are things sometimes we might miss.

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Who is a forum admin right now?

Strongly disagree. See the post “long term plans for the cosmos hub?” 60 days is inherently too short.

This community has managed the feat of having years long conversations, and that is a good thing.

I greatly appreciate the term necro'd but must inquire – don’t we want people doing exactly that?

We’re also definitely thinking that this feature could use an update!

One interesting alternative to think about would be an unlock based on a “point” based system akin to the likes we have for the posts. The longer the expiration the more “points” would be required to reopen the discussion on this topic.

This proposition can be coupled with an extension of the 14 days as proposed by @lexa;
By the way this isn’t related to this particular topic but we’re trying to contact the hub forum’s admins to propose other upgrades. We have managed to get in contact with the person in charge of the dYdX forum which is open to collaborate and help us implement some of the recent great updates they have performed on their side.



Can we have different time periods for different categories? Like, 28 days for proposals discussions, but 2 years for conversations or something like that.

IMO it seems like different posts need different time periods of allowed inactivity before they will get closed, and it seems like categories are the easiest way to deal with it, if possible.

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Daniela is the forum admin, and she sometimes passes me admin powers to make changes because I’m more familiar with the platform from Prop 63. I care about the forum and have a huge soft spot for it as the start of my Cosmos career, but I can’t actually be super involved in its maintenance and continued health anymore. All of my time is billed for Hypha’s testnets program.

Categories can have different timeout settings for sure. And for what it’s worth, I am personally not opposed to just removing the timeout setting altogether and letting the posts flow freely; the forum is active enough now that low-effort posts get shuffled to the bottom naturally.

The deeper issue here is that changes to these settings aren’t retroactive, so while I’ve set the timeout setting to 60 days going forward, that only applies to new topics. It doesn’t apply to the old ones.


Tell me this isn’t relevant right now:


In illustration of just how stupid this 14-day policy is, I’m going to copy pasta a post from months ago You know what screw it governance proposal to fix the 14-day policy

Replying to stop the anti-14 day closure post from being closed after 14 days

I must be slow, sorry. I thought posts re open if anyone comments?

no thats why so many of em got lil locks on em

ok. it means that the initial window is 14 days. got it. agreed. should be at least 365 days