Hub can be halted in <10min; informal wishes to ban me from contribution to comet

Vetro 839

Really, here is proof that I can halt the hub in less than ten minutes:

I reported this to ICF, Informal, and Amulet (@jessysaurusrex)

Here’s their response:

I have worked incredibly hard to find this bug and the reality si that @ebuchman @Jessysaurusrex and @thanethomson have characterized the report as harassment.

I wish for them to provide evidence of harassment.

I firmly insist that I merely made a security report. @uditvira agrees with me. I hope @jtremback does too. I hope @jtremback chooses to veto his own proposal, and move the team he is leading into another organization. This isn’t Jehan’s fault.

Cosmos needs to be secure or it is dead.

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